Faculty & Staff Directory

iconiconNameMichael HittImageMichael HittFirstnameMichaelLastnameHittOffice Phone817-257-7562
Position:Distinguished Research FellowDepartment:Entrepreneurship and Innovation DepartmentOffice:TOCA 228Role:FacultyEducation
  • Ph.D. University of Colorado
Areas of Expertise / Research
  • Strategic Management
  • International Strategy
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
Work Experience
  • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University
Key Publications
  • "Resource Based Theory in Operations Management Research," with K. Xu and C. M. Carnes, Journal of Operations Management, 2015, in press.
  • "When More is Not Enough: Executive Greed and its Influence on Shareholder Wealth," with K.T. Haynes and J. Campbell, Journal of Management, 2015, in press.
  • "The Dark Side of Leadership: Toward a Mid-Range Theory of Hubris and Greed in Entrepreneurial Contexts," with K.T. Haynes and J. Campbell, Journal of Management Studies, 2015, 52: 479-505.
  • "All Things Great and Small: Organizational Size, Boundaries of the Firm and a Changing Environment," with M. Josefy, S. Kuban, and R.D. Ireland, Academy of Management Annals, 2015, 9: 715-802.
  • "Institutional Polycentrism, Entrepreneurs' Social Networks and New Venture Growth," with B. Batjargal, A.S. Tsui, J.-L. Arregle, J.W. Webb and T. Miller, Academy of Management Journal, 2013, 56: 1024-1049.
  • "Do Regions Matter? An Integrated Institutional and Semi-Globalization Perspective on the Internationalization of MNEs," with J.-L. Arregle, T. Miller and P. Beamish, Strategic Management Journal, 2013, 34: 910-934.
  • "The Interrelationships among Informal Institutions, Formal Institutions and Inward Foreign Direct Investment," with M. Holmes, T. Miller and M.P. Salmador, Journal of Management, 2013, 39: 531-566.
  • "The Vicarious Wisdom of Crowds: Toward a Behavioral Perspective on Investor Reactions to Acquisition Announcements," with M. Schijven, Strategic Management Journal, 2012, 33: 1247-1268.
  • "Governance in Multilateral R&D Alliances," with D. Li, L. Eden, R.D. Ireland and R.P. Garrett, Organization Science, 2012, 23: 1191-1210.
  • "Strategic Entrepreneurship: Creating Value for Individuals, Organizations and Society," with R.D. Ireland, D.G. Sirmon and C. Trahms, Academy of Management Perspectives, 2011, 25(2): 57-75.
  • "The Dynamic Interplay of Capability Strengths and Weaknesses: Investigating the Bases of Temporary Competitive Advantage," with D.G. Sirmon, J.-L. Arregle and J. Campbell, Strategic Management Journal, 2010, 31: 1386-1409.
  • "Marching to the Beat of Different Drummers: The Influence of Institutional Owners on Competitive Actions," with B. Connelly, L. Tihanyi and T. Certo, Academy of Management Journal, 2010, 53: 723-742.
  • "Complementary Technologies, Knowledge Relatedness and Invention Outcomes in High Technology Mergers and Acquisitions," with M. Makri and P. Lane, Strategic Management Journal, 2010, 31: 602-628.
  • "Contingencies within Dynamic Managerial Capabilities: Interdependent Effects of Resource Investment and Deployment on Firm Performance," with D.G. Sirmon, Strategic Management Journal, 2009, 30: 1375-1394.
Awards / Recognition
  • Fellow, Academy of Management
  • Fellow, Strategic Management Society
  • Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher 2014, 2015
  • Best article awards from Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, Academy of Management Executive and Family Business Review
  • Honorary Doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Irwin Outstanding Educator Award, Academy of Management