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Position:Associate Dean for Undergraduate ProgramsDepartment:Accounting DepartmentOffice:Tandy Hall 391Role:FacultyEducation
  • PhD Accounting - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1994
  • BA Accounting - Moravian College, 1987
  • Stroudsburg Area High School, 1983
Areas of Expertise / Research
  • Financial Accounting; effects of financial reporting decisions on capital market participants' decisions
Work Experience
  • 2009-2014: Professor and Chair, Neeley School of Business, Department of Accounting
  • 1994-2009: Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts
  • 1987-1990: Assistant Accountant, Deloitte and Touche, LLP, Raleigh, NC and Allentown, PA.
Courses Taught
  • Doctoral: Introduction to capital markets research in accounting
  • Masters: Financial Accounting Theory and Research, Accounting Theory and Policy, Financial Statement Analysis, Accounting for Decision Making and Reporting II
  • Undergraduate: Intermediate Financial Accounting I and II, Introductory Financial Accounting, Doing Business in Germany, Introductory Managerial Accounting, Professional Accounting Seminar
Key Publications
  • "Market Value and Accounting Implications of Off-Balance-Sheet Items." Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 17(3) Autumn 1998: 185-207.
  • "Controlling for Lagged Stock Price Responses in Pricing Regressions: An Application to the Pricing of Cash Flows and Accruals." Journal of Accounting Research 37(1) Spring 1999: 239-247.
  • "Delayed Security Price Adjustments to Financial Analysts'' Forecasts of Annual Earnings." The Accounting Review 76 (October 2001): 613-632.
  • "Anticipatory Income Smoothing: A Re-examination." Journal of Accounting and Economics 35(3), August 2003: 405-422.
  • "Do Investors Under-React to Information in Analysts' Earnings Forecasts?" Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 35(7) & (8): 889-911, September/October 2008.
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Information and Information Asymmetry.” Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 32(1): 71-83, 2013.
Awards / Recognition
  • University-wide Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Massachusetts, 2002-2003.
International Experience
  • Led 3 short-term study abroad courses in Germany and France, 2001, 2002, and 2004.
  • Research Fellowship, Financial Accounting Standards Board, 2008-09
Hobbies / Interests
  • Tennis
  • Cooking
  • Piano
  • Upright bass
  • Composing