Finance | Careers

  •   Banking
      Many finance majors are employed in commercial banking in areas
      such as leasing, credit card banking, international finance and trade
  •   Corporate Finance
      A company's financial officer is responsible for raising and allocating
      funds for the company, cost analysis, forecasting and budgeting,
      investment management, and formulating financial and credit operating policies.
  •   Financial Planning
      Financial planners help individuals plan their financial futures. This career can take place
      within a company or by yourself as a sole proprietorship.  
  •   Investment
      Investment specialists evaluate and select securities, manage investment portfolios, and
      raise capital to finance business, government and private needs. Many Neeley graduates
      go on to careers in the leading investment banks, including Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley
      Dean Witter and Goldman Sachs.
  •   Insurance
      Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and businesses manage risk to protect from
      catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential risk problems. Careers in insurance are in
      high demand and will grow as the population ages. 
  •   Real Estate
      Over a third of the world's wealth is tied up in real estate, which includes the fields of title 
      insurance, construction, mortgage banking, property management, real estate appraisals,
      brokerage and leasing, and real estate development.