Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership | Careers

Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership careers involve planning, directing and coordinating company activities and/or overseeing the work of others. Managers can be specialized to areas such as accounting, marketing, leadership, change management, organizational development, finance, or human resources. Management requires skills in analyzing problems, making decisions, delegating assignments, training and supervising staff, budgeting and coordinating activities.

Managers are employed in government, education, for-profit, not-for-profit, and private industry, as well as family business or self-employed. Most people enter management positions with a bachelor's degree, but a master's degree in business administration is essential in some areas in order to advance your career. Managers are generally well paid and highly respected. 

Career examples include:

    •   Computer Information Systems Manager
    •   Distribution Manager
    •   Entrepreneur
    •   Family Business Owner
    •   Facilities Manager
    •   General Manager
    •   Hotel Management
    •   Human Resources Manager
    •   Labor Relations Manager
    •   Management Analyst/Consultant
    •   Health Care Manager
    •   Public Administrator
    •   Organizational Change Consultant/Specialist
    •   Entrepreneur