MBA FYI | Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up my TCU user name and password?
You create your TCU user name and password at Be sure to also take a moment to set up your password reset information at

How do I set up my TCU email?
Your TCU email is created when you set up your TCU user account. Your TCU email address consists of your TCU user name with periods separating the parts of your name, followed by

When should I start checking my email?
Immediately! Your TCU email address is the University’s main point of communication with you. One exception is that group correspondence (newsletters, etc.) from TCU Neeley graduate admissions will be sent over the summer months to the email address provided on your application.

How do I access my TCU email?
Student email can be accessed using Office 365 or other applications. Read more

How can I access free Office 365 software?
Office 365 is available to all incoming students free of charge by going to and logging in with your TCU credentials. More detailed information can be found at

Are discounts available for computing equipment?
Check out discounts on featured products for Neeley students, plus more TCU student computing discounts

Are laptops required?
You will need to own or have access to a laptop for use in classrooms and team meeting rooms. If you don’t choose one of our suggested products, be sure to have a laptop that supports Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

What about Mac?
Since most students entering the Neeley School use PCs and our equipment is geared to the Windows environment, we recommend a Windows-based system. If you are using a Mac, you must configure it in a way to prevent issues using Neeley School equipment or sharing data with classmates.  You must also purchase a video adapter to use the Mac for presentations in any of the classrooms/conference rooms.


Where do most MBA students live?
MBA students live throughout the DFW Metroplex and many live near campus. Those who are from the area or already reside in DFW may choose to live a bit further away. Expect to spend 10 to 12 hours on campus Monday through Thursday. There are multiple activities and events that happen during the evenings and on weekends. Be mindful of the commute for yourself and those you live with.

How do I update my contact information (address, phone, email)?
If you are relocating to join the program, you can update your contact information on your TCU records at

What should I do before arriving on campus?
Be sure to complete your pre-enrollment academic modules and career preparation assignments. Check the MBAFYI calendar for Career Services virtual events and summer Meet & Greets sponsored by student organizations. After that, relax and spend time with those who you care about. You will hit the ground running on the first day of START Workshop and not slow down until the end of your first semester.

How can I access the Campus Recreation Center before START?
Once you are a student this fall, you will have free access to TCU’s Campus Recreation Center. Until then, you may obtain a “Special Admission Pass” at the rate of $5.00 per week. To secure this pass, take a photo ID (driver’s license or passport will work until you get your TCU ID) to the Campus Recreation Center office during regular office hours. The center has a list of incoming MBA students that they will use to confirm your status.  Note that office hours are: 

Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – noon


What is START Workshop?
START is an acronym for Skills, Teamwork, and Resource Training. It is an intensive three week experience designed for you to meet your classmates, get to know your team and prepare for academic success. It culminates in a case competition for a DFW area company.

What do I need to do before START Workshop?

Before you jump into START Workshop, you will want to do the following:

  • Work through the summer statistics and accounting modules. Seriously. We cannot stress the importance of this enough. In START Workshop and the first three weeks of the semester, your professors will assume you grasp the concepts and are ready to discuss the material. The more you prepare, the easier your first three weeks will be.
  • Refresh your Excel and PowerPoint skills. Optional online modules will be available over the summer. These skills will come in handy in START Workshop and throughout your time as a student.
  • Get settled into your apartment/home. You will have very little free time during START Workshop. After long days at school, you will appreciate coming home to an organized place.
  • Shop for business attire (if needed). You will need business professional attire, e.g., a business suit, on the first night of START Workshop.

What is the attire for START Workshop, classes and other events?
Attire for START Workshop and classes is business casual. There are many events throughout the semester where business professional attire is expected.

For guys, “business professional” means a full business suit with tie. “Business casual” means button-down dress shirt and dress slacks.

For ladies, "business professional" means a full pant or skirt suit with a nice button down or blouse. For "business casual," you can wear slacks or a skirt and a blouse or a dress with a cardigan

When are team assignments communicated?
Team assignments will be revealed during the first week of START Workshop. These are the people you will work throughout the fall semester. Take advantage of the opportunities to bond before you are faced with your first team deliverables! 

What is the case competition in START Workshop like?
Your team will make recommendations related to a real-time business problem facing a corporate client. During the final week of START, you will receive the case and guidance on how to approach the problem. You will present your recommendations to an audience of alumni and employers. This experience is energizing and a great way to close out START Workshop!


When do I enroll in fall classes?
On the first full day of START Workshop, you will be guided through the process of enrolling for your fall classes. You will have one elective choice to make for your first semester. 

When will I receive a fall textbook list?
The fall textbook list is now available.

What are the professors and classroom expectations like?
Most faculty use the “flipped classroom” concept, where all readings and lectures are moved outside of the classroom. Class time is reserved for robust discussion. Be sure you come prepared to each class. You may find you have more hours outside of the classroom than you did as an undergrad, but the responsibility for wisely using that time is significantly greater.

How quickly do I need to decide on a concentration?
Most students have a pre-planned direction when deciding to return to business school. It is best to decide on your concentration as early as possible since national career fairs and on-campus interviewing begin early in the semester. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the MBA concentrations and career pathways during the summer webinar series and workshops, and a career class during the early fall. Ashley Feldhues in the Graduate Career Center is a great resource and is willing to meet with incoming students over the summer.


What leadership opportunities exist during the first semester?
You will have many opportunities to hone your leadership skills as an MBA student. During the first week of fall classes, students from your class will be elected to Class Representative positions with responsibility for representing the needs of the cohort with faculty and staff throughout the first semester.

In addition, most student organizations identify first year student representatives early in the fall. These individuals have a unique opportunity to learn from current officers while providing a valuable perspective.

In preparation for the numerous leadership opportunities that open up in the spring (MBA Association leadership, Career Ambassadors, Neeley LEAD Facilitators, etc.), you can expect to receive coaching, feedback, and programming focused on leadership development beginning with START Workshop.

How much time do MBA students spend together outside of class?
It varies! Some students like to study together outside of the classroom. Others have family commitments and prefer to study at home. Some folks meet up for evening/weekend social events frequently, and others prefer to use that time to recharge. At the very least, students work on group assignments several hours of the week outside of the classroom, and each team decides on a schedule that works best for their members. 

How much interaction is there between first and second year students?

  • Second years students are more than willing to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • First semester: You can expect to interact with the second year students at the national MBA career fairs (e.g., NSHMBA, NBMBA, etc.), in student organizations, as part of case competitions, at C-Level dinners, and at the football tailgates, which are very well attended. Additionally, each first year student is matched to a second year student mentor who keeps in regular contact with them.
  • Second Semester: In the second semester, you’ll interact with second year students in elective classes as well as through participation in Neeley & Associates.

What should I expect from my 2nd year mentor?
Your mentor assignment will be made based on your career interests and background, with the goal of connecting you to someone with whom you share common interests. Your second year mentor will look forward to getting to know you, serving as a resource, and easing your transition back to school and throughout the first semester. As students who recently experienced the highs and lows of the challenging first semester, they are able to share guidance and advice.

What takes place on Fridays since there are no classes then?
There are often planned events, but when there are not, some like to sleep in and take care of personal errands that they couldn’t get done that week. It is also a day to get caught up on email and get a jump on homework due the next week. Some teams will choose to meet to work on assignments. Some students like to study at or away from campus. Others focus on the career search process.

Is it possible to work part-time during the first semester?
Based on your schedule of courses throughout the fall semester, assignments, Graduate Career Center and experiential learning activities, and family/friend commitments, you do not have time to work during the fall semester. Depending on your schedule in the spring, you may have the opportunity to take up some part-time work then.

How can I get my spouse/significant other connected with others in the area?
As a starting point, your significant other will be invited to a Spouses and Significant Others during START Workshop. S/he will have the opportunity to get to know MBA staff and other significant others while learning a little about the MBA experience in a casual and friendly environment. Significant others will often form their own social group. Other than this, significant others attend many social events including MBA football tailgates.