Current MBA | Reimbursement Form Guidelines


  • The Neeley School only accepts TCU Reimbursement Forms completed online at
  • Original receipts must be taped to an 8.5x11 paper.  No staples.
  • The Neeley School does not require the print option for itemized detail pages.
  • The printed form must be signed before submitting it to the Graduate Programs office.
  • On the form, for the extension, enter x7422; for the TCU box: enter 298540.
  • Employee ID = Student ID


  • TCU does not reimburse taxes. 
  • If you are making a purchase or staying in a hotel, you may stop by the Graduate Programs office to pick up a tax exemption form.

Meals for Others:

  • “Meals for others” is to be used when paying for a guest meal.  It should include your meal expense in addition to that of your guest(s).
  • The total meal charge, including tax & tip, should be reported for each day on Row 4.
  • Page 2 of the form must be completed in detail for any “meals for others” reimbursement.
  • Two receipts are required for meal reimbursement. 1) Detailed original receipt showing all items purchased and 2) a credit card proof of purchase (cash register receipt).  If the meal is purchased with cash then a cash tendered register receipt is required.


  • Travel must be completed before submitting form for reimbursement.
  • Mileage reimbursement is calculated from TCU to destination, not from home to destination, unless it is for travel to an airport for a trip taken on a weekend or holiday.  A printout from mapquest/google should be included. (Mileage to DFW airport is 64 miles round trip).
  • Airfare reimbursement is restricted to economy fares, not business or first class fares.  Proof of payment and boarding pass for air travel must be included for reimbursement.
  • Food purchases/incidentals at DFW area airports are not reimbursable.
  • Car rental reimbursement is restricted to compact or medium sized cars.
  • Overseas travel reimbursement with receipts in non-USD currency require conversion results to be attached (print outs from online currency conversion sites such as are acceptable) or a credit card statement showing the exact charges .
  • Tips for cab fares should be included on cash receipt and reported on line 7.
  • Tips for guides and bus drivers submitted for reimbursement must be documented each day with the name(s) of the tipped individuals and their employer.
  • International Travel - shots, passports and visas are non-reimbursable personal expenses


  • Gift cards/certificates are not reimbursable.
  • Bookstore charges must use the TCU Departmental Purchase Order Request form


  • For “Other” purchases an explanation of why the purchase was made should be included on page 2 of the form. 
  • Please return the receipt with the requisition form to the graduate office


  • TCU printing is the preferred vendor; please stop by the office for a form.
  • TCU has a Kinko’s account if the project MUST go to an outside printer.

The new form contains some important new and enhanced features, including the following:

  • The days and dates are automatically populated after entering the first date on the form, but the form also allows for manual entry of non-consecutive dates.
  • All totals in the form are automatically calculated.
  • The form automatically links you to the applicable fields when additional information is required, such as for mileage or meals for others.
  • The form includes optional detail pages in which expenses can be itemized on a daily basis for individual line items.
  • The form ensures that all required fields are entered and that all totals balance with applicable detail amounts before allowing the form to be printed for approval.
  • The TCU logo is included as a watermark on the background of the printed version of the form.
  • An invoice number that can be used for tracking purposes is automatically generated at the bottom right corner of the form when properly completed.
  • The form includes links to the TCU reimbursement policy in the upper left corner of the form.
  • The form includes links to a foreign currency calculator, as well as to automatic mileage calculators, under Helpful Links in the upper portion of the form.
  • The form contains helpful pop-up comments when clicking the ? boxes beside certain fields.

At the present time, the only new requirement that is being implemented in conjunction with the rollout of the new form is the requirement to enter total air miles. Tracking TCU’s business travel mileage, both by automobile and by air, is part of TCU’s commitment to track the University’s carbon footprint. Mileage information will be tracked by Accounts Payable and included with other data in an annual report compiled by the Provost’s office. The new form includes a link to a website where you just enter your “From” and “To” city or airport for air travel and the website automatically calculates the air mileage, which you then enter into a new field in the form.

The upper right corner of the new form contains buttons that can be used to save and to print the completed form. The “Save Form” button allows you to save draft or completed copies of your form. For example, you can complete part of the form and save the form for completion at a later date. Please note, though, that the “Save Form” function does not save data to be used to pre-populate future reimbursement forms.

The “Print Form” button should be used to print the form after all required fields have been completed. When you click on the “Print Form” button, you will be prompted with a choice to print the form with or without any itemized detail page(s). Prior to completion of the form, you can print the form using the print function in your computer’s toolbar. However, the “Print Form” button will not allow you to print the official version of the form with the combination of the TCU logo/watermark and the TCU invoice number in the bottom right corner before the form is properly completed. Only the official version of the form with the TCU logo in the background and the TCU invoice number in the bottom right corner should be submitted for approval and processing by Accounts Payable.

The new online reimbursement form is the required form for all expense reimbursements.

The upper right corner of the form contains a HELP button to explain how to use various aspects of the form. You may also contact either the Technology Resources Help Desk or the Accounts Payable Department for questions regarding use of the new form.