Frogbook 2017 | MS Supply Chain Management

Daehnke Joshua

Joshua Daehnke

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi


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horned frog
  • Girlfriend named Katie Bell
  • Enjoys sports: baseball, basketball, soccer
  • Fun fact: "Prior military experience."
Ewbanks Gerald

Gerald Ewbanks

Senior Product Support Engineer
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Texas Christian University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Madeline
  • Enjoys hiking, kayaking, cooking, weight training, visiting art exhibits, watching live music, watching soccer and football
  • Fun fact: "I like to make PowerPoint presentations on conceptual ideas. Examples include: realigning college football conferences and light rail public transit in Fort Worth."
Linker Kelsey

Kelsey Linker

Fulfillment and Logistics Director
Foot Cardigan
The University of North Carolina

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys writing, reading and traveling
  • Fun fact: "I am a published poet."
Ortega Jorge

Jorge Ortega

Resolution Analyst
Wells Fargo
Texas Wesleyan University

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Ortega Jorge fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys soccer, fitness, travel, motorcycles
  • He is beginning to learn to play the fiddle
  • Fun fact: "Love being a patriot and Harley Davidsons."