Frogbook 2017 | Professional MBA

Birdsong Ally

Allyson Birdsong

HR Generalist 
Safran Helicopter Engines
Oklahoma State University

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Birdson Allyson fun
  • Lives in Dallas
  • Enjoys Camp Gladiator, drinking margaritas on patios, reading, petting other people's dogs
Bryen Dustin

Dustin Bryen

DP Engineering Ltd. Co.
Excelsior College

Bryen Dustin fun
  • Lives in Aledo
  • Married to Rachel
  • Enjoys hockey, electronics, and radio
  • Fun fact: "I am a big fan of Bruce Springsteen. I became a fan after buying a cassette copy of the album "Darkness on the Edge of Town" and a portable cassette player I found on clearance. While everyone else was moving from portable CD players to portable mp3 players, I was listening to a cassette copy of an album released in 1978. I went on to find more great music from Springsteen, but this is still one of my favorite albums from any artist."
Cecil Eric

Eric Cecil (A)

Senior Analyst
BNSF Railway
Brigham Young University

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Cecil Eric fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Madison
  • Enjoys traveling and gardening
  • Fun fact: "Served as a student body president at BYU."
Chancellor Kyle fb

Kyle Chancellor

Senior Business Analyst II
BNSF Railway
Texas Tech University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Natalia
  • Enjoys fishing, golf and soccer
  • Fun fact: "My first child (a son) is due this October!"
Dahse David

Reese Dahse

Legal Analyst
BNSF Railway
University of Texas at Dallas

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys sports particularly basketball, music festivals/live music, real estate/investment properties, rivers and lakes
  • Fun fact: "I was hit by a metro bus when I was younger. My head hit and broke the windshield of said bus. Sustained minimal injuries - no concussion, no broken bones. Price of 3-hr hospital visit: $800. Price of broken windshield: $1200. I did more damage to the bus than it did to me. The basketball team started calling me 'the boy who lived' because I resembled Harry Potter at the time."
Debruin Nathan

Nathan DeBruin (A)

Senior Inventory Analyst
Southern Methodist University

horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Fun fact: "Karaoke champion!"
Degrasse Matthew

Matthew DeGrasse

Property Claims Supervisor
Farmers Insurance
Texas A&M University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys kayaking, gardening, fishing, and cooking
  • Fun fact: "I am one of twelve children, I was homeschooled and my dog can rollover."
Dunham Zach

Zach Dunham

Business Development
AIB, Inc.
University of Texas at Austin

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Dunham Zach fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys fitness
  • Fun fact: "I have completed two marathons."
Eckart Matt

Matt Eckart

RMG Networks
Texas Christian University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Dallas
  • Enjoys watching sports and playing golf
  • Fun fact: "I travel to every home & away TCU football game."
Elizondo May

May Elizondo (A)

Finance LDP
Lockheed Martin
Texas A&M University

horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Robert Lopez
  • Enjoys running, yoga, and reading
  • Fun fact: "I am a marathon runner."
Frank Haley

Haley Frank (A)

Assistant Manager Finance
BNSF Railway
Texas Christian University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Bryan
  • Enjoys playing piano (easy songs, nothing impressive), baking, and bing watching TV on Netflix
  • Fun facts: "I can't whistle. I worked at a bank where we were robbed 3 times in 3 months."
Geffert Lauren

Lauren Geffert
(Professional MBA/EdD)

Adjunct Professor
Texas Christian University
Texas Christian University

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Geffert Lauren fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Michael Slattery
  • Enjoys traveling, hiking, kayaking, bookbinding and piano
  • Fun fact: "I have been to 33 countries and lived in three different countries. I love to travel."
Gilliam Samuel

Samuel Gilliam

TCU Athletic Business Office Graduate Assistant
TCU Athletic Department
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

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Gilliam Samuel fun
  • Lives in Gate City, Virginia
  • Enjoys hiking, beekeeping, gardening, playing trumpet, college athletics.
  • Fun fact: "I had the chance to attend and work at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco last February! I played trumpet in the UT Marching Band for 3 years. I am an Eagle Scout."
  • "I love working in college athletics. I have held many positions from ticketing to marketing to media relations to development. I have never played collegiate sports, but I love it!"
Glaser Michael

Michael Glaser (A)

Consultant, Client Insights
Information Resources Inc. (IRi)
The University of Texas at Dallas

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Glaser Michael fun
  • Lives in Plano
  • Enjoys golf, working out, experiencing new sport stadiums, architecture & design, desserts, and comedy shows
  • Fun facts: "I locked myself out of my cruise stateroom in just my boxers. Growing up we had a Macaw; he spoke fluent English. I firmly believe my athletic skills are better than they appear."
Golz Jason

Jason Golz

Operations Supervisor
JP Morgan Chase
Augustana College

horned frog
  • Lives in Haslet
  • Married to Amy
  • Enjoys golf and church men's choir
  • Fun fact: "I am the youngest of three brothers. The other two both have MBAs, one from University of Minnesota and the other from Washington University in St. Louis."
Grable Blake

Blake Grable

Graduate Assistant
TCU Athletics Frog Club
Texas Christian University

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Grable Blake fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys playing basketball, eating good food, attending sporting ev3ents, playing guitar (trying to learn)
  • Fun fact: "I worked at a small pizza place in high school as a delivery boy and I delivered a pizza to my childhood idol Kobe Bryant."
Gunsell Tim

Timothy Gunsell

Inspection Asc Manager
Lockheed Martin
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gunsell Tim fun
  • Lives in Godley
  • Married to Rebecca
  • Enjoys fishing, hunting, bowling, watching the Rangers, and traveling
  • Fun fact: "I lived in Hawaii for five years."
Hernandez Jay

Jonathan Hernandez (A)

Master Instructor at the Defense Information School
University of Maryland
University College

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horned frog
  • Lives in Pasadena, MD
  • Married to Katrina
  • Enjoys baseball, hiking, building computers, video shooting/editing
  • Fun fact: "I was a morning radio show DJ for two years in Tokyo."
  • "My nicknames progressively get shorter as I get older. When I was about 10, Jonathan became J.D., and when I was about 20 J.D. became Jay. Now that I'm turning 30 I'm worried about my next nickname because Jay can't get much shorter."
Hutson Cas sq

Cas Hutson

Program Manager 
BAE Systems Inc.
Stephen F. Austin University

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Hutson Cas fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Krissi Hutson
  • Enjoys hunting, golf, welding, aviation, and family
  • Fun fact: "I'm ready to get Froggy!"
John Justin

Justin John

Director of Operations
Texas A&M University

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John Justin fun
  • Lives in Little Elm
  • Married to Shannon
  • Has three daughters
  • Enjoys hunting, shooting, golf, swimming and weight lifting
  • Fun fact: "I served 10 years in the military prior to transitioning out."
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Craig Kohler

Contract Negotiator
Lockheed Martin
University of Maryland

horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys running, working out, and exploring the outdoors
Livesay Cameron

Cameron Livesay

Project Manager
DGB Glass, Inc.
Texas Tech University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys working out, golf, cooking and hot yoga
  • Fun facts: "I love donuts! Started my first company when I was 14 washing windows. Now I sell commercial window and glass systems after joining DGB glass in 2014. All five of my uncles and aunts on my dad's side of the family have degrees form TCU."
Makanjuloa Sarah

Sarah Makanjuloa

Sales Representative
Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits
Texas Tech University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Arlington
  • Enjoys working out and lifting weights, watching movies and reading.
  • Fun fact: "I am a crossfit advocate and soon to be personal trainer launching a fitness based business that is targeted to empower women."
Melbourne Mandy

Mandy Melbourne (A)

Lead Business Analyst
Pier 1 Imports
University of Texas at Arlington

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Melbourne Mandy fun
  • Lives in Arlington
  • Married to David
  • Enjoys working out, kayaking and gardening
  • Fun fact: "I have two different colored eyes."
Osborne Ryan

Ryan Osborne (A)

Finance Leadership Development Program
Lockheed Martin
University of Texas at Arlington

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Osborne Ryan fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Mary
  • Enjoys family time, rock climbing, mountain biking, and listening to live music
  • Fun fact: "I have a fear of heights and to combat that I go climb big rocks."
Phillippi Matthew

Matthew Phillippi (A)

Senior Financial Analyst FP&A
Brigham Young University

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Phillippi Matt fun
  • Lives in Euless
  • Married to Alyssa
  • Enjoys biking, movies, and playing with my kids
  • Fun facts: "I'm fluent in Portuguese and genuinely like working with Excel."
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Gabrielle Poole

Senior Investment Analyst
Prudential Capital Group
University of Chicago

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Poole Gabrielle fun
  • Lives in Dallas
  • Enjoys traveling
Purscell Raylee

Ray'Lee Purscell

Assistant Project Coordinator
Barbnet Investments
Texas Christian University

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Purscell RayLee fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys spending time at the lake, reading, gardening/yard work, and running
  • Fun fact: "My office is based out of the Fort Worth Zoo, so you never know who will show up at the office."
Ralston Rebekah

Rebekah Ralston

Marketing Coordinator
Antares Homes
East Texas Baptist University

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Ralston Rebekah fun
  • Lives in North Richland Hills
  • Married to Nathaniel
  • Enjoys cycling, training my dogs, reading, weight lifting
  • Fun fact: "I am the oldest of four. I never lived in the city I was born in. I've finished a couple of sprint triathalons."
Schmidt Peter

Peter Schmidt

University of Missouri

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Schmidt Peter fun
  • Lives in Grapevine
  • Married to Katie
  • Enjoys cooking, traveling, collecting bourbon and wine, and fly fishing
  • Fun fact: "I am a part time student, full time sales rep, part time grape farmer."
Shaffer Todd

Todd Shaffer

Project Management & Planning Operations Senior
Lockheed Martin
Auburn University

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horned frog
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Married to Jessica
  • Enjoys any Fort Worth event, traveling and Auburn football
  • Fun fact: "I have a masters degree in systems engineering."
Sheth Mihir

Mihir Sheth

Senior Analyst
BNSF Railway
Texas Tech University

Sheth Mihir fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys art and history museums, live music, hiking and being outdoors, playing recreational soccer, watching movies and TV shows, keeping up with national, global events, reading about new consumer electronics
  • Fun facts: "I grew up vegetarian. I probably have pizza too often. I used to be able to run 3 miles in about 18 minutes (the pizza consumption doesn't help). I've played soccer from KG through undergrad (intramurals) and dabbled in basketball, baseball, competitive swimming, tennis and football. I used to play the piano, guitar and tabla (traditional Indian drums)."
Singh Sanju

Sanju Singh

Senior Accountant
Trend Micro
University of Allahabad, India

Singh Sanju fun
  • Lives in Carrollton
  • Enjoys cricket, traveling and movies
  • Fun fact: "I like to try new adventures like sky diving, learning to fly or bungee jumping. Trying to find my next adventure."
Thurmon Merida

Merida Thurmon (A)

XTO Energy
Southern Methodist University

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Thurmon Merida fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys traveling, running, camping and anything outdoors
  • Fun fact: "I was born, raised, went to college and took a job all within a 50 mile radius. I am a huge animal lover: I've fostered a dog and also volunteered at the Humane Society of North Texas."
Varnell Matt

Matt Varnell

Development Associate 
Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County
University of North Texas

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Varnell Matt fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth 
  • Enjoys kayaking, reading and trivia nights
Walters Braden

Braden Walters

Systems Developer
BNSF Railway
University of Texas at Arlington

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horned frog
  • Lives in Bedford
  • Enjoys tinkering
Wieser Kristy

Kristy Wieser

Texas Christian University
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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Wieser Kristy fun
  • Lives in Fort Worth
  • Enjoys volleyball, yoga and hiking.
  • Fun fact: "I am originally from Lincoln, Nebraska."
Wynne Connor

Connor Wynne

Store Manager/Platoon Leader
Nutrition Depot/U.S. Army
Texas Christian University

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Wynne Connor fun
  • Lives in Houston
  • Enjoys weight lifting, running, reading, golfing and shooting
  • Fun facts: "I am a very non-traditional MBA student and am very eager to learn and network. I am currently in the US Army Reserves."
Young Devin

Devin Young

Manager of Software Engineering
Ohio State University

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  Young Devin fun
  • Lives in Euless
  • Married to Christen
  • Has 2 dogs
  • Enjoys golf, smoking meat, traveling, spending time with my family
  • Fun facts: "I was a competitive jump-roper for 15 years. I was born and raised in Connecticut. My wife is a TCU alum (college of education)."