Brett Phillips

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BNSF Neeley Leadership Program

The BNSF Neeley Leadership Program is a three-year transformational leadership program designed to shape today’s leaders into the next generation of business leaders. Each cohort of the Neeley Leaders is selected from a highly competitive applicant pool. During their sophomore, junior and senior years, Neeley Leadership students are enrolled in a total of 15 hours of course work in leadership. The students learn leadership concepts, team-building skills, Crucial Conversation techniques, and more from highly motivated, experienced professors in the Neeley School of Business. A required study abroad experience in London, England and The Isle of Skye, Scotland makes up 1.5 of the required 15 hours of credit.  This trip is partially subsidized; however, it is an additional expense for the student.  Students also receive one-on-one coaching, a personal leadership coach, networking opportunities, and various other co-curricular activities. Armed with an undergraduate degree from the Neeley School of Business and three years of specialized leadership development, Neeley Leadership students stand out from their peers in the job market.

  • Innovative leadership classes
  • Development of leadership skills for the new millennium
  • Assessment of leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognized community service projects
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Team-building activities
  • Workshops with respected business and community leaders
  • Opportunities to travel on domestic and international educational trips