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9 Wholes thm   NAFTA Windsor Essex thm   twitter tracker thm
The 9 Wholes of High Integrity Decision Makers
How choices shape corporate culture and drive personal and professional results
  NAFTA Recommendations from Windsor-Essex, Ontario Canada   Twitter Tracker for April 10, 2018
Flamin Hot Cheetos   Interlink SC Logistics Trends thm   NASCO blockchain thm
The Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie   Future Trends of the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Industry   Blockchain - Primer and Opportunities in Transportation and Logistics
Hot Trends Report   What Do Millennials Really Want thm   One Network thm  
Supply Chain Hot Trends   What Do Millennials Really Want?   One Network: How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Supply Chain
Demand Forecasting   NASCO thm   Edge Autonomous Vehicles thm
Demand Forecasting that Reflects the Minds of Customers   NASCO Members and Partners
A message from the Center for Supply Chain Innovation
  EDGE: Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles use a suite of sensors, actuators and a central computer to "perceive" the environment and automate the driving process. 
Machine Learning thm   Future of Supply Chain thm   EY Marine Insurance Blockchain thm
EDGE: Machine Learning
A way to train computer systems to generate useful insights from data sets and apply those to new situations.
  Future of Supply Chain
SCM World Report
  Marine Insurance Blockchain
Better-working insurance: moving blockchain from concept to reality
Supply Chain Hot Trends        
 Supply Chain Hot Trends        

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By the Numbers thm   Terminating NAFTA   NAFTA withdrawal tax thm
By the Numbers: The Costs of Withdrawing from NAFTA    Terminating NAFTA: The National and State-by-State Impacts on Jobs, Exports and Output   The NAFTA Withdrawal Tax

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