Neeley Entrepreneurship Center | Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition

2017 Team Plan Synopses

Bangladesh University of Professionals Bangladesh
 Golden Extracts is a jute tea production company. Jute tea is new to the market and has numerous nutritious benefits.
California Lutheran University California
 RepWatch is a fitness device and mobile platform to help physical therapy patients with their recovery plan. The device provides reminders and collects real-time data on the patient's movements.
California Polytechnic University – Pomona  California
B2C introduces MassLess, an electric scooter that weighs 15 lbs, can travel 15 mph, and can fold to fit inside a backpack when not in use.
Emory University Georgia
ScholarMe is cloud-based software that helps school districts make more informed hiring decisions using predictive analytics to measure the effect a prospective teacher will have on student achievement.
Florida Atlantic University Florida
Protection Against Physical Element Removal (PAPER) prevents the theft of classified documents, using conductive nanoparticle ink to tag them. The system can detect when tagged documents are moved.
Florida State University  Florida
Mayan Traditions preserves the artisan culture in Guatemala through the sale of textile fashion in the United States. Guatemalan artisans get access to large markets, fair prices and income to improve their quality of life. 
George Washington University  Washington DC
Let’s Empower, Advocate, and Do, Inc. (LEAD) provides curriculum and training to students, educators and school districts to promote mental health education for early intervention.
Georgetown University   Washington DC
Thrive Health is a video chat telemedicine service that provides college students facing mental health issues with easily accessible, convenient access to qualified therapists.   
Grand Valley State University Michigan
Stir It Up Bakery provides meaningful employment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
James Madison University  Virginia
WKS LLC targets excursion, when a temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical falls outside its threshold range. PrecisionTemp prevents excursions by controlling and correcting the temperature of freight during transit.
JJ Strossmeyer University Croatia
KOORD is a volunteer management web application that provides a database of volunteers and enables communication between volunteers, organizers, coordinators, volunteer leaders, ambassadors, etc.
Johns Hopkins University Maryland
Treyetech has developed a novel device for corneal surgery that eliminates difficult aspects of the procedure for surgeons by modifying the surgical workflow and reallocating steps to skilled eye bank technicians.
Kennesaw State University  Georgia
Art’NspirED LLC provides handmade products from World Fair Trade craftsmen across the globe, partnering with local schools to advertise while educating students about the nations where the products are created.
Loyola Marymount University California
Stabilify develops and markets unobtrusive, automated technology to track and predict moods of the 20 percent of the U.S. population diagnosed with Mood Disorder.
Michigan State University Michigan  
GrowthChart is an online marketplace for high-quality content from teachers across the nation that lowers cost barriers through a subscription-based library of unlimited content.
Millikin University  Illinois  
BluSolar leases cryogenic processors to solar cell and module manufacturers, assists them in the integration process and increases the efficiency of their cells by up to 15 percent.
North Carolina State University  North Carolina
NovaNervus has redesigned the standard endotracheal tube cuff to prevent the high incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia among ICU patients.
Ohio University Ohio
GearGuard protects, preserves and maximizes the lifespan of personal fall arrest devices used by construction workers to safely access elevated locations.
Prairie View A&M University Texas
Triple Time Energy is a conservation system and app that monitors a household’s water, electricity and gas consumption in real time, supplemented by graphs and information to help reduce usage. 
Royal Roads University Canada  
Bee Bling Seeds provides a variety of wildflower seeds that assist in repopulating the bee population. A portion of sales goes toward no-interest micro-loans for hives on small farms.
Saint Leo University Florida
Educational Alliance is a partnership for a two-year business program to make business education more accessible to non-traditional students such as veterans and under-served high school graduates.
Siena College New York  
Joblite improves the lives and safety of outdoor employees by developing methods and systems to prevent overheating, while lowering risk for companies.
Southern Methodist University  Texas
Pōk The Raw bar serves primarily healthy, pure, poke raw fish bowls from Hawaii. Through its Imagine X Inspire program, the company partners with CASA Youth Shelter to transition foster teens into adulthood.
St. Mary’s University Texas
For every paid photography session, Purpose Portraits donates five percent of profits to the Military Warriors Foundation and provides a free photography session to a military family.
Tarleton State University  Texas
TreeMendous Tree-Ps wrap around trees for easy-to-use micro-ecosystems that reduce water, energy and herbicide use by 75-90 percent. TreeMendous donates Tree-Ps to school and community gardens.
Texas Christian University  Texas
Relievr improves child patient care through virtual reality, using a community-based platform that delivers engaging and therapeutic experiences designed especially for children in hospitals. 
United States Air Force Academy  Colorado
ViRTLimb is a mobile, augmented reality application designed to treat phantom limb pain in amputees and wounded warriors.
University of Alabama Alabama  
BioGram LLC has adapted the panoramic lens used for rocket engine analysis to be part of a new device used to perform minimally invasive heart surgery and endoscopic cancer diagnosis procedures.
University of Arizona Arizona
Specteros is an indoor horticulture energy management company that provides innovative, uniform LED lighting solutions to combat high energy costs and result in better crop quantity and quality.
University of California-Irvine  California
Closed Loop Plastics transforms plastic waste from 3D printing, campus life and ocean plastics into usable filament for further innovation. The entire process uses only renewable energy. 
University of Central Oklahoma   Oklahoma  
Key4Lyfe has developed a lactose-free, probiotic, nutrient-rich gelato. Keylato is a lentil-based frozen kefir packed with protein, fiber, iron and probiotics, and is only 100 calories per pint.
University of Chicago  Illinois
Averia Health Solutions provides low-cost concussion sideline screening to young athletes using a device that leverages a smartphone’s camera and computational capabilities to make accurate eye tracking accessible. 
University of Florida Florida  
Sci Chic provides 3D printed plastic and metal fashion jewelry to encourage young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
University of Houston Texas
SynTire’s patented process produces an additive that make tires tougher and more durable, augmenting performance and lifespan and reducing tire-related accidents and tire disposal.
University of Iowa   Iowa
Organizer Inc. modernizes communication in organ transplant, using a real-time mobile software application that is HIPAA compliant and facilitates instantaneous communication and information flow.
University of Michigan Michigan
Kulisha offers a wastewater treatment solution for food and beverage processing plants that converts organic biosolid waste products into a sustainable insect-based protein for use in animal feeds.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  North Carolina
NanoVest is an early stage marketplace that provides a data and investment hub for startups, investors and key institutions dedicated to growing businesses.
University of Oklahoma  Oklahoma
BLOOM is a web and mobile language-learning tool to preserve indigenous languages and cultures. Users access written exercises and video chat sessions with fluent speakers to develop literacy and conversational skills.
University of Pikeville  Kentucky
CitrOHa has created an all-natural functional dog food additive with an antioxidant and nutritional blend derived from the seeds and peels of lemon-byproducts from citrus juice manufacturing.
University of Strathclyde Scotland
U-turn offers a smart mattress topper, an app-integrated product with sensory technology that helps people with mobility issues turn over in bed, specifically those with Parkinson’s disease. 
University of Tennessee Tennessee
reINVENT is an upcycling company that provides the location and materials for participants to create their own work of recycled art with the instruction of a local artist.
University of Texas at Arlington  Texas
SolGr provides a nano-phosphor embedded plastic to replace greenhouse canopies with technology that amplifies the sun’s UV light by converting the color spectrum unused by plants into wavelengths needed for photosynthesis.
University of Texas at Austin   Texas

Top Tier Learning provides affordable, accessible tutoring to communities nationwide using a peer-to-peer model. High school seniors are employed based on academic and leadership accolades.

University of Texas at Dallas Texas
PropelEye is used by law enforcement to recognize weapons and open hands. When PropelEye discerns that both hands are open, the civilian is considered not a threat, so the system locks the gun’s trigger.
University of Virginia Virginia
PAKA is an alpaca wool apparel company that gives Peruvian women weavers the resources to financially empower themselves. Sustainably is involved in all aspects, from natural dyes, to weaving, to the animal.
University of Western Ontario Canada
TimeFund lets refugees in displaced communities share skills using time as currency. Refugees can contribute an hour of their time, for example cooking or translating, in exchange for a time coin they can use for other services.
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wisconsin
RydePass reduces ride-share risk through a mobile platform that serves populations that are vulnerable due to lack of on-hand cash or credit, diminished capacity or located in high-risk areas.
Wake Forest University  North Carolina
Resilience encourages financially disadvantaged patients to design and produce a custom pair of socks in a therapeutic process. For each pair sold, half of net proceeds is donated back to the patient to help pay for care.
Walsh University Ohio
The Ohio Minority Business Pipeline is a database to help national construction industries and transformation projects hire minority and disadvantaged certified contractors and vendors.
Washington University in St. Louis  Missouri

GiftAMeal is a socially conscious marketing platform for restaurants, giving a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo at a participating restaurant.