TCU Neeley Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Values and Ventures® Business Plan Competition

2018 Team Plan Synopses

Auburn University Alabama
Yellow Card is a digital currency exchange system in stores across Africa, the Middle East and the United States, enabling 1.5 billion unbanked people to convert local fiat currency into digital currency usable on an international market.
Ball State University Indiana
Flipside Mobile Car Wash is a web-based, virtually waterless car wash and detailing service that will save approximately 875 million gallons of water every year while creating approximately 2,500 jobs.
Bangladesh University of Professionals Bangladesh
Tri-Banana transforms fiber from banana tree bark into a silk-like yarn which is then made into eco-friendly clothing, curtains, rugs, handicrafts and disposable plates and utensils.
Baylor University Texas
Flourish Technologies provides a mobile donating platform that employs round-up technology to collect the difference between a debit or credit card purchase and the nearest dollar, allowing users to easily donate to nonprofits.
Brigham Young University Utah
Piero provides Portal, a low-cost, hands-free, public entryway solution for handicap access. People in wheelchairs use a mobile app to interact with a device on doors so that the doors open effortlessly upon their approach.
California Lutheran University California
FamWe is a mobile application platform that helps parents and children by providing tools for setting goals, sharing feedback and reinforcing success, and connecting them with educators, tutors and coaches to collaborate towards growth.
Drexel University Pennsylvania
Orai is a free communication coaching app that helps companies, organizations and educational institutions leverage technology to deliver personalized communication coaching at scale.
East Carolina University North Carolina
ClusterDuck is a system of miniature wifi-enabled bouys that are dispersed into flooded areas to provide temporary wifi hotspots, so distressed people can connect to a network to contact rescuers and loved ones.
Florida State University Florida
Woven Futures creates fair trade partnerships with local artisans in Guatemala to help alleviate poverty through the sale of textile fashion goods in the United States.
George Washington University  Washington DC
Let’s Empower, Advocate, and Do, Inc. (LEAD) provides curriculum and training to students, educators and school districts to promote mental health education for early intervention.
Georgia State University   Georgia
Soundcollide provides recording, editing and publishing services for aspiring music artists through an online recording studio, and uses blockchain for publishing and accreditation to alleviate unclaimed digital rights.
Grand Valley State University Michigan
Orindi is a cold endurance mask that allows people to breathe warm, comfortable air when living and/or working in extremely cold environments that trigger asthmatic reactions or induce asthma.
Iowa State University  Iowa
Hurd Health Group produces SymVitae, an innovative Ventricle Assist Device which uses a novel drive system to assist the heart in contracting, helping the 70,000 people suffering from severe heart failure yearly. 
John Brown University  Arkansas
Wings is an equity crowd-investing platform that engages young investors by linking them to similar entrepreneurs through a free and easy investing platform with no minimum investment or commission fees.
John Carroll University Ohio
SolidiFi Streetlight is a portable, wifi-connected, solar-powered streetlight that provides electricity and communication in areas struck by natural disasters such as hurricanes in the Caribbean.
Johns Hopkins University Maryland
Ithemba facilitates earlier breast cancer diagnosis in developing areas through an affordable, reusable biopsy device that provides high-quality, low-cost preventative health care.
Kansas State University  Kansas
Wonderfully Made is an online retail platform that allows missionaries to create a virtual storefront to sell unique handmade items made by local artisans to help them financially support themselves.
Lake Forest University Illinois
AquaPods are environmentally sustainable rain barrels that harvest and filter water from roof runoff to provide safe water to people who do not have access to clean water.
Michigan State University Michigan  
GrowthChart offers hands-free, voice-activated documentation to enable childcare providers to maintain focus on the children, send automated reports to parents, and submit data to accreditation and rating agencies.
Millikin University  Illinois  
C2E Fuels uses a novel process to convert a factory’s carbon dioxide emissions into usable ethanol, a more environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) systems that pump carbon dioxide underground.
New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersey
GoodVibe Medical focuses biomechanical stimulation therapy, which uses repeated low-frequency vibrations to loosen muscle tension, improve circulation and stimulate cells for people with cerebral palsy.
Prairie View A&M University Texas
The Body Burger offers affordable, personalized physical fitness programs for physically, mentally and economically challenged individuals who are unable to attend traditional fitness programs. 
Rice University Texas
Cherrypick, powered by computer vision and machine learning, enables volleyball coaches and players to quickly analyze game footage by recording, uploading and receiving a full statistical breakdown in under an hour.
Rutgers University New Jersey
Sulis manufactures solar ultraviolet light-induced sterilization (SULIS) devices to sterilize water at scale effectively and affordably, for areas affected by tropical diseases and natural disasters.
Saint Leo University Florida
Town and Gown Alliance provides internships and jobs for college students while providing social services to the underserved community, including a yoga studio, smoothie bar and after-school programs.
San Diego State University California
Vida en Verde™ Aquaponics Technology System creates a variety of produce to impact the nutritional growth in impoverished communities with severe malnutrition. Sensors interface with a mobile app for just-in-time delivery.
Southwestern Oklahoma University  Oklahoma
ParkIt provides real-time parking availability information using sensors, cameras and machine learning that work in conjunction with a mobile app.
St. Edward's University  Texas
Local is a mobile app that connects independent tourists with like-minded local guides. The local guides earn income while showing their city and promoting local businesses.
St. Mary’s University Texas
Guardian Angel is an attachable car seat cushion for infants to two-year-olds. Sensors detect weight, temperature and movement and send the data to a mobile app, to prevent children being forgotten in cars or enduring unsafe vehicle temperatures.
Syracuse University  New York
Taste Buddy is a natural supplement of dissolving tongue strips and nasal sprays that allow for faster absorption of taste-enhancing nutrients for people who have lost their sense of taste and smell due to chemotherapy, age or Sjogren’s Syndrome.
Tarleton State University  Texas
Grand Slam Wellness improves the quality of life for people recuperating from stokes or spinal cord injuries or who have neuro-muscular disabilities, who have exhausted medical resources and/or have little or no insurance.
Texas A&M University-Texarkana Texas
TNT Innovations provides a patent-pending 3D design and calibration process to create colorful custom powder coat paint jobs for motorcycles as an alternative to liquid-based paints that produce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.
Texas Christian University  Texas
Sledge Outfitters is a hunting and fishing guide service located in Texas and Alaska that is handicap accessible and provides employment for U.S. veterans by hiring them as guides. 
Trinity University  Texas
Dbuntu is a data center that provides mobile record keeping and farm management for dairy farms in Uganda, to help farmers better provide for their families and communities, and supply data to policy makers to help improve decisions.
United States Air Force Academy  Colorado
Allowance is a freelance job app that connects college students to local residents for task-based paying jobs that help students alleviate the burdens of college tuition and provide secure, affordable services for the community.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Arkansas
Spiritum Solutions has designed a medical device that prevents critical care patients from pulling out their breathing tubes, thus improving quality of care and outcomes while saving hospitals an average of $500,000 annually.
University of California-Irvine  California
HUMBLE syringes (patent pending) quickly and efficiently eliminate air bubbles, allowing health care professionals, laboratory workers and patients to properly prime a syringe 99.9% of the time within a few seconds. 
University of California-Los Angeles California
Mechanodontics makes customized, behind-the-teeth braces that reduce the overall treatment time by half, cut the number of visits from 25 to 3, reduce overall pain and increase oral hygiene. The braces can be installed by a dentist.
University of Chicago  Illinois
Athena UV uses breakthrough UV-C LED technology to create and manufacture devices to counter the growth of bacteria such as E. coli and Pseudomonas, thus helping hospitals protect patients from life-threatening infections. 
University of Florida Florida  
Rock Paper Scissors Recycling produces usable 3D printing filaments out of recycled polymers such as drinking bottles, and uses 3D printing to create products such as phone cases, bottles, laptop sleeves and eyeglass cases.
University of Houston Texas
Zapp Technology uses drones and GPS tracking to identify areas with the highest concentration of mosquitoes, then uses carbon dioxide emitters to attract mosquitoes to be killed by an electrified grid mounted on the drone.
University of Illinois   Illinois
Cut to the Case helps keep college campuses safe by allowing sexual assault victims to anonymously submit reports that are stored securely and encrypted, helping victims feel empowered rather than attacked by the reporting process.
University of Iowa   Iowa
ABAL Therapeutics provides software that automates aspects of Applied Behavior Analysis, the standard for autism treatment, allowing therapists to administer regimens remotely, decreasing the cost to families and insurers and making treatment more accessible.
University of Mount Union Ohio
EMDR VR provides a virtual reality application that simulates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, so therapists can treat more people with PTSD and anxiety disorders remotely and affordably.
University of Oregon Oregon
Algotec produces an alternative to plastic made out of calcium lactate, a food grade powder, and sodium alginate, a type of salt. This sustainable, edible material can be thrown away to dissolve into the environment or consumed by humans or animals.
University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
InstaHub provides easy, affordable light automation using a device with occupancy sensing capabilities that snaps on over existing toggle light switches, alleviating the $25 billion/year cost of lighting unoccupied residential and small commercial spaces.
University of Pikeville  Kentucky
K2 Medical produces the Xtra Scoop stretcher, uniquely designed for larger patients with greater weight capacity and 56% wider than existing stretchers, to prevent injuries for both patients and first responders.
University of Strathclyde Scotland
FibroMagica is an easy-to-use, portable, adaptable device that utilizes contrast therapy to help reduce pain and suffering caused by fibromyalgia, delivered through affordable app-based technology.
University of Texas at Austin   Texas
Top Tier Learning provides K-12 students in need of tutoring with affordable, one-on-one academic lessons taught by diligent high school seniors who are leaders in the community.
University of Texas at Dallas Texas
Surfboard is a mobile app for college students to connect with peers within a defined radius by recording and posting short video clips of up to 11 seconds. Nearby users can engage through upvotes and messaging.
University of Virginia Virginia
Division 1-On-1 Trainers is the only NCAA-approved platform that connects current college athletes to young athletes for personal sports training sessions at an affordable price.
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wisconsin
SenseAble Headphones helps individuals living with sensory processing disorders such as autism by connecting them to a website and app that provides therapeutic sound banks plus educational resources for parents and caretakers.
Walsh University Ohio
C2Y Gigs is a revenue-generating search and referral service for men and women in the service sectors who have been unemployed for six weeks or more, to help them become self-employed as freelance gig wage earners.
Wartburg College Iowa
Borinquen Food Truck is a family-owned business providing high-quality Puerto Rican street food and also packaged meals for food banks, churches and other donation centers.
Xavier University of Louisiana Louisiana
Youth Solutions LLC brings together New Orleans youths and artists to build creative bus shelters and benches, providing job training and jobs, and transforming neighborhoods.