Petroleum Land Practices Program | Curriculum

The Petroleum Land Practices Certificate Program covers the vital fundamentals of the energy industry: property law, contract law, oil and gas leases, land titles, energy regulations and more.

The Petroleum Land Professional                              Legal Knowledge

    •   Jobs and Careers
    •   Basic Job Scope 
    •   Skills/Competencies Needed
    •   The Language of the Profession
    •   Panel Discussion with Petroleum
  •   Oil and Gas Law in Texas
  •   The Oil and Gas Lease
  •   Property Law
  •   Contract Law
  •   Land Titles & Records
  •   Basics of the Courthouse Search and Filing 
Industry knowledge                                                  Field Trip 
    •   Introduction to Energy Industry
    •   Basics of Oil & Gas 
  •   One-day Courthouse Filing Visit
  •   Visit and Work with Land Professional
  •   Visit to Drilling Rig Site 
Technical Knowledge                                                 Ethics in the Petroleum Land Profession
    •   Basics of Geology/Geophysics
    •   Basics of Engineering, Drilling, and
    •   New Technology
    •   Common questions from landowners
    •   Panel Discussion with Geologists and 
        Petroleum Land Professionals

Economic Decision Making in Oil and Gas    

  •   Selling Oil and Gas
  •   Taxes and Benefits
  •   Deal Structures
  •   Oil and Gas Programs
  •   Measuring Performance  
  •   Ethical Standards and Professionalism
  •   Common Ethical Issues Encountered as a 
      Petroleum Land Professional

Negotiating the Oil and Gas Lease 

  •   Building relationships with landowners
  •   Presenting yourself well to landowners
  •   Basics of negotiation
  •   Negotiation skills for the Petroleum Land
  •   Typical problems encountered
  •   Problem resolution
  •   Role plays with feedback