Faculty & Staff Directory


Name/Title Phone/Email Bio
Lindsey Tardif 817-257-4310  l.tardif@tcu.edu Academic Advisor View Bio View
Ann Tasby   a.j.tasby@tcu.edu View Bio View
Sriram Thirumalai 817-257-7616  s.thirumalai@tcu.edu Associate Professor View Bio View
Travis Tokar (817) 257-7151  travis.tokar@tcu.edu Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management View Bio View
Aisha Torrey-Sawyer (817) 257-7530  a.torrey-sawyer@tcu.edu Director, Neeley Academic Advising Center View Bio View
Michelle Trimble 817-257-7553  m.trimble@tcu.edu Academic Advisor View Bio View
Minakshi Trivedi 817-257-4436  m.trivedi@tcu.edu Professor and Department Chair View Bio View