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Alumni Panel Recap: “I thought it was just a nice slogan – until I experienced it.”

Every preview luncheon features a panel of alumni who offer their personal insight into the benefits, challenges and experience of the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program. Here are some of our favorite soundbites from the June 7 luncheon.

Neeley EMBA, 7/26/2017

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Can Leadership Be Taught? Here's How Neeley Does It

Leadership development is a core component of the Neeley Executive MBA program – but can you really learn leadership? Isn’t it just something you are either good at or not?

Dr. Linda LaCoste, Director of EMBA Student Services and Operations and faculty for the personal leadership development process at Neeley, explains: “Leadership development isn’t a course in the program: It’s baked into every course.” As a student, you become the facilitator, while Neeley provides content and experiences that let you hone your skills.

Neeley EMBA, 7/6/2017

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3 Ways Neeley Takes Care of Its Executive MBA Students

What you learn in an MBA program is crucial – that’s the whole point, after all. But sometimes it’s the little extras that make a big difference. Take it from our students.

Neeley EMBA, 6/23/2017

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Alumni Panel Recap: “Other schools lacked the ‘it’ factor.”

Every preview luncheon features a panel of alumni who offer their personal insight into the benefits, challenges and experience of the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program. Here are some of our favorite soundbites from the May 4 luncheon.

Neeley EMBA, 5/31/2017

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How to Get Your Family and Employer to Buy in to the Program

Whether you’re negotiating a multi-million dollar business deal, negotiating with the vehicle in the other lane to let you over, or negotiating with your six-year-old to put on his pants, negotiation is a fact of life.

Neeley EMBA, 4/21/2017

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How to Avoid an Expensive International Business Blunder

“Business law” may bring to mind droning suits and textbooks the size of Volkswagens, but it’s far from boring when Dr. Robert Rhodes, Professor of Professional Practice in Business Law, is teaching.

At the recent Neeley Executive MBA Preview Luncheon, 29 prospective students, current students and alumni were just getting drowsy after a hearty lunch provided by the City Club of Fort Worth, when Dr. Rhodes stood to speak and woke us all up. 

Neeley EMBA, 3/29/2017

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She's Revolutionizing Police Training with Her MBA

Most people don’t think of law enforcement when they think of a business degree, but one sergeant in the Fort Worth Police Department is making waves with the skills and knowledge she gained in the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program.

Neeley EMBA, 7/9/2016

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He Realized for the Lord’s Work, He’d Need Some Business Savvy.

Ray Taylor thought he was done with school when he graduated from Andersonville Theological Seminary with a Bachelor of Theology. The new lead pastor at Trinity Harvest Church in Hurst, Texas, he was prepared for the work as a preacher, teacher, shepherd and counselor. But he soon discovered he needed a boost in a vital skill set that people rarely consider in church leadership: business administration.

Neeley EMBA, 6/28/2016

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Neeley Executive MBA Program Puts Latest Korn/Ferry Research to Use

Along with our recent ranking by The Economist as number 12 in the world, there’s something else drawing global attention to the Executive MBA program at Neeley.

The TCU Neeley School of Business is now one of only 13 business schools in the world to partner with Korn/Ferry International. Neeley is using the organization’s leadership development and talent management expertise to take our Executive MBA program to the next level.

Neeley EMBA, 4/20/2016

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6 Time-Saving Tips to Help Balance Life and Business School

No matter who you are or what you do, few things are more valuable than your time. But when you’re pursuing an MBA, time is your most precious commodity. Juggling the rigors of graduate school with, in many cases, a full-time career and family life can be a monumental task. That’s why it’s important to utilize tried-and-true time-saving methods whenever you can. And who better to share their wisdom than those who have already reached the MBA summit?

We asked TCU Neeley Executive MBA alumni what time-saving tips they had to offer to incoming EMBA students, each of whom brought their own unique perspective to conquering Father Time.

Neeley EMBA, 4/14/2016

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10 Amazing Things Achieved by Neeley’s Executive MBA Class of 2015

Every class in Neeley’s Executive MBA program grows incredibly close, and every class makes incredible leaps forward in their careers and in their ability to lead – but every class is also slightly different. Here’s a look back at the some of the many unforgettable moments the Class of 2015 saw in the last year and a half. 

Class of 2015, 1/12/2016

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10 Amazing Things Achieved by Neeley’s Executive MBA Class of 2014

Ask any of our alumni and they’ll tell you: Neeley’s Executive MBA program is an intense, transformative, unforgettable experience. In December, we bid farewell to the Class of 2014, but thought it fitting to jot down some of the highlights from their time as Neeley Executive MBA students.

Class of 2014, 1/1/2015

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My 4th Weekend In

Wow — what a weekend! I knew it would be rough with our Financial Accounting paper, presentation and final exam all due on Saturday. But, traveling out of town for work all day Tuesday and Wednesday did not help. Sleep was in short supply. 

Kim Speairs, Class of 2014, 10/6/2013

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