Executive Insights Event Series

Jobs to be Done: Understanding Customer Needs to Guide Innovation

Lance Bettencourt

As shocking as it may be, your customers don’t need your product or service! What they need is to get a job done. Consumers hire Swiffer to clean floors, and firms hire consultants to redesign processes. This intuitive focus on the end task of the customer has radical implications for creating a systematic, repeatable innovation process that produces products and services customers really want. Has your organization made this shift in designing what customers want?

Join the Neeley School of Business for breakfast and an exclusive discussion around why a focus on customer jobs can reshape markets and spark innovation in products, services, experiences and more, presented by Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Marketing, Lance Bettencourt.

*Please note this Executive Insights Event is a breakfast.

Featuring: Dr. Lance Bettencourt

Date: October 4,  2017

Location: Tierra Verde Golf Club, 7005 Golf Club Dr., Arlington, TX 76001


"The Big 3" of Business Analytics

David Weltman

A large Gartner survey ranked business intelligence and analytics as the number one investment area of the Chief Information Officers responding. Statistical analysis and data mining was #2 in LinkedIn’s “25 Skills that Get You Hired in 2016”. Today, more organizations are taking advantage of client based software applications with data science methodologies to predict “what may happen” and be prepared for “what might be a good course of action to take”, based on mining business data. Three widely deployed predictive analytics methodologies are; Regression Analysis, Decision Trees, and Cluster Analysis.

Join the Neeley School of Business for lunch and an exclusive discussion around the field of business analytics and several example organizations using analytics to achieve a competitive advantage. Additionally, you will gain a basic understanding of three popularly applied approaches to data analysis, presented by Associate Professor of Supply Chain Practice, David Weltman.

Featuring: Dr. David Weltman

Date: October 11,  2017

Location: City Club, Fort Worth, Governor's Room