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2015 Big 12 MBA Case Competition
Official Rules and Procedures 

  1. Teams must consist of four full-time MBA students only. One faculty member or advisor from each university is required to attend the competition. The university represented by each team will not be identified to the competition judges.
  2. During the competition weekend, teams will not solicit or receive help from anyone not on their four-member team. If this occurs, it will lead to disqualification. Once the case is distributed, the faculty member or advisor will not communicate with the team members regarding any case topic or issue until after their presentation. If this occurs, the team will be disqualified.
  3. The competition case will be distributed the morning of Friday, March 27, 2015. The case will be from the general business policy/strategic management area.
  4. The competition judges act as the Board of Directors of a company and the teams are considered outside consultants. The judges are familiar with the problems of the company so teams do not need to repeat the case in their presentations. The team is expected to define and analyze the problems, and to present and justify a plan of action.
  5. Teams will need their own laptops and the ability to put their presentations on CD-R or flash drive. TCU will provide all flash drives. Internet access will be available to all teams.
  6. Information can be gathered through the Internet. Directly contacting the company is prohibited.
  7. The flash drive is due by 10:30 p.m. on Friday, March 27, 2015. No revisions can be made to any portion of the team’s physical presentation once submitted. Any demonstration aids must also be presented, approved and given to the case officials by this deadline. A hard copy of each team’s presentation will be given to each of the judges.
  8. The first slide of the PowerPoint presentation should contain the names of the team members. Teams are prohibited from identifying their university affiliation in any way during their presentation. All presentations will be presented electronically, using equipment provided. A computer, projector and screen will be available for each team’s presentation. Business professional attire is required for the presentation.
  9. All members of the team must present a portion of the case to the judges; however, all team members do not need to speak the same amount of time. The time allotted for each team presentation is 40 minutes. The time slot will consist of no more than a 20-minute presentation with approximately 20 minutes of questioning by the judges. The judges will then have 10 minutes to score and provide written feedback notes. A timekeeper will alert each team when five minutes are remaining and will not allow teams to speak for longer than the allotted time.
  10. During the Q&A portion of the presentation, questions from judges may be directed either at individuals or the team as a whole. The judges have been instructed not to interrupt the 20-minute formal presentation if at all possible.
  11. Teams will NOT be permitted to observe the other teams’ presentations in the preliminary rounds. In the interest of fairness, teams will not be permitted to continue to prep if they draw a later presentation time.