Neeley & Associates | Important Dates

Neeley & Associates Consultants 2018-19
 Key Dates and Information for Clients


Fall Semester 2018 -- Client Selection Cycle


One-Page Submissions to Determine Potential “Project Fit” Due

By Monday, October 29

Prospective Clients Notified If Accepted for Further Discussions and High Level “Project Scoping”

By Friday, November 2

Prospective Clients Submit Completed “Request for Consideration(RFC)”

By Monday, November 12

Prospective Clients Come to TCU to Meet with 1st Year Full-time and Accelerated MBA Students

Friday, November 16
(12:00 pm – 3:00 pm)

Client Teams Finalized -- Clients Informed

By Monday, November 26

Annual N&A Client Team Meets Client Reception at TCU -- Client Project Kick-off Meeting Scheduled

Thursday, December 6
(5:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

Spring Semester 2019 -- Client Engagement Cycle


N&A Consultants Boot Camp Days

January 2019

Client Project Kick-off Meeting Held

Monday, January 21 – Wednesday, January 23

Quality Assurance Review 1 Held with External Consultant Coach

Week of February 25

Client Mid-point Checkpoint Meeting Held

Week of March 4

Quality Assurance Review 2 Held with External Consultant Coach

Week of March 25

Client Teams Meet with TCU's Professional Development Center

April 2019

Annual N&A External Reviewers Day

Friday, April 5, Afternoon

N&A Client Team Final Presentation

Week of April 29

N&A Client Team Written Report Delivered

By Thursday, May 9