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Neeley & Associates Recent Projects

logo Frito Lay The Neeley & Associates Consultants were tasked with analyzing promotions for independent businesses in the convenient store channel. The effectiveness and profitability of these promotional campaigns were assessed in order to formulate strategic recommendations.
logo Pepsico The Neeley & Associates team was asked determine the sales drivers of PepsiCo products in large metropolitan area Wal-Mart stores and recommend a strategy to translate the best practices to other similar metropolitan areas across the U.S.
logo Aviall The team researched industry best practices to improve customer loyalty, generate additional revenue from the company website, analyzed the  value of customer loyalty programs, and provided recommendations with specific next steps for each.
logo Bell Helicopter Two consultant teams worked on two separate projects for below. They were: The team working with the Bell Training Academy was tasked with presenting a business case whether the investment required for international expansion of training division will provide a sufficient return and recommended actions. The team defined and determined the customers’ perceived value an analyzed methods for market entry.
logo Bell Helicopter The Neeley Team provided a phased recommendation for the expansion into foreign market, taking into account historical, market, and core business elements. The final report placed an emphasis on each element and recommended delivery model for each.
logo Lockheed Martin Student consultants identified an approach for the successful capture and transfer of knowledge during consulting engagements.
logo Sabre Holdings The Neeley & Associates team was asked to research and develop strategic recommendations for current go-to-market strategy for new merchandising distribution tools.
logo HealthPoint The project team researched social media and its application in the healthcare space and provided the company short and long term recommendations based on their findings.
logo Safety Kleen Many Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. new employees lack the resources and equipment to effectively work on Day One of their employment, resulting in an unsatisfactory Day One experience for new hires. Our recommendations work within Safety-Kleen’s existing technology constraints to improve the satisfaction of end users by providing resources on-time and with higher accuracy. Our recommendations remove hurdles that delay timely delivery. Further, the recommendations lower the paperwork burden on hiring managers.
logo Nike The student consultants were challenged to develop a strategy for a target consumer segment. Additionally, the team was tasked with incorporating certain functions that were a focus of the company. The team reported directly to and worked closely with the Strategy Department at NIKE, Inc. headquartered in Beaverton, OR.
logo Ben E Keith The N&A team was challenged to investigate the value of a centralized versus decentralized operating model for the Credit, Accounting, IT, Logistics, Purchasing, and Human Resources functions for Ben E Keith Foods. Through this project the team was focused on improving internal redundancies and maintaining the customer experience.