Neeley & Associates | Testimonials

logo Frito Lay

"Over the past few years, TCU’s Neeley and Associates consulting teams have consistently delivered impressive results for Frito-Lay North America. Each successive year we have given the student-consultants more complex projects and each year the students have exceeded our expectations.

Dave Boissevain
Senior Director, Sales Strategy & Planning Small Format
Frito Lay


logo Bell Helicopter

"In short, the Neeley team performed in a very professional manner, analyzed a deeply distinctive market, and provided opinions that Bell will incorporate into its strategy in the launch of a new product. A very good success overall for both parties."

Charles Evans
Director, Marketing and Sales Support
Bell Helicopter


"We had a great experience with the consulting team from Neeley & Associates. The team was professional in every situation and a pleasure to work with. The recommendations they provided were specific, actionable, and made complex problems manageable. We are glad to have been a part of such a great program that combines real-world problems with learning opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow."

 Justin Kentor
North America Strategic Planning, Sr. Manager

logo Pepsico

"The Neeley & Associates Consulting Team did an extensive amount of research on the sales drivers in Wal-Mart stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The team was sifted through a large amount of data and provide insightful recommendations. With their help, the PepsiCo/Wal-Mart Team can conduct a deeper analysis of other similar metropolitan areas to ensure that drivers can be translated across the nation. The Neeley team was highly professional and brought good ideas and a great work ethic to the table. I enjoyed watching the team come together, develop a good dynamic and tackle the task at hand. Each year, the teams seem to raise the bar for the next consulting project!"

Justin Jones
Sales Strategy Manager
PepsiCo/Wal-Mart Team

logo americredit

“We engaged a TCU MBA consulting team for a new service that was very ‘out-of-the-box’. The team exceeded our expectations; and the support, involvement and oversight of the faculty and staff at the Neeley School was outstanding.”

Clifton Morris
Former Chairman of the Board, AmeriCredit

logo calloways

“Related to the store operations review conducted by the Neeley & Associates consulting team, the senior management team at Calloway’s Nursery received pragmatic recommendations that... we believe will return a substantially greater benefit than the cost of the consulting and implementation of the recommendations. We are currently piloting the recommendations at three stores. ”

Jim Estill
CEO, Calloway’s Nursery