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Neeley faculty are renowned experts in their fields, consistently producing research that is published in prestigious academic journals. Below is a list of recent publications. Click on any of the topic areas below for more information.   

Research Publications 2010/2011 


The Investor Protection and Price Informativeness about Future Earnings: International Evidence
Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming
In-Mu Haw, B. Hu, J. Lee and W. Wu

Corporate Governance and Earnings Management by Classification Shifting
Contemporary Accounting Research, 28, summer 2011
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho and A. Li

The Contribution of Stock Repurchases to the Value of Firm and Cash Holdings Around the World
Journal of Corporate Finance, 17, February 2011 
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho, B. Hu, and X. Zhang

Analysts’ Forecast Properties, Concentrated Ownership and Legal Institutions
Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance, Spring 2010
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho, B. Hu and W. Wu

Concentrated Control, Institutions, and Banking Sector: An International Study
Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, March 2010 
In-Mu Haw, S. Ho, B. Hu, and D. Wu 

Two Conflicting Definitions of Relevance in the FASB Conceptual Framework
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Volume 29, 2010
Steve C. Lim, M. Cho, and O. Kim,

The Declining Association Between Earnings and Returns: Diminishing Value Relevance of Earnings or Noisier Markets?
Management Research Review, July 2011
Steve C. Lim and T. Park

Sales Margin and Margin Capitalization Rates: Linking Marketing Activities to Shareholder Value
Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming 2011 
Steve C. Lim and R. F. Lusch

Explaining the Surprising Performance of Whisper Forecasts of Earnings
Advances in Quantitative Analysis in Finance and Accounting, 2010
Ray Pfeiffer, S. Machuga, K. Teitel and R. Pfeiffer

Are Revisions to SFAS No. 5 Needed?
Accounting Horizons 24(4), 2010
Ray Pfeiffer, R. Desir and K. Fanning

Recent Proposals to Limit Tax Incentives for Oil and Gas Companies
Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management Journal, forthcoming 2011
Elizabeth Plummer and K. A. Bibb  

Evidence on the Distributional Effects of a Land Value Tax on Residential Households
National Tax Journal, 2010 
Elizabeth Plummer

Valuing Oil and Gas Properties and their Contribution to School District Tax Revenues: Evidence from Texas
Journal of Property Tax Assessment and Administration, forthcoming 2011
Elizabeth Plummer and T. Lee

Improving Transparency and Relevance of Auditor Communications with Financial Statement Users
Current Issues in Auditing 4(1), 2010
Jerry Turner, T. Mock, G. Gray and P. Coram.

Audit Committee Independence and Earnings Management: How Independent Are Independent Directors?
Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting 2(3), Special Issue, 2010
Jerry Turner and C. Vann

Changes in Litigation Risk: An Analysis of Post-Sarbanes Oxley Audit Portfolios
Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting 2(2), 2010
Jerry Turner

Concentrated Supply Chain Membership and Financial Performance: Chain- and Firm-Level Perspectives
Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 28, No. 1, 2010
William Wempe, D. Lanier Jr. and Z. G. Zacharia

Regressive Tax Rates and the Unethical Taxation of Salaried Income
Journal of Business Ethics, 2010, Vol. 91, No. 4, 2010
William Wempe and Donald R. Nichols

Business Information Systems

An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational IT Innovation in Hospitals
Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 19(3), 2010
Daniel Q. Chen, David S. Preston and D. Leidner

Antecedents and Impacts of CIO Supply-side and Demand-side Leadership: A Staged Maturity Model
Journal of Management Information Systems, 27(1), 2010
Daniel Q. Chen, David S. Preston and W. Xia 

Information Systems Strategy: Reconceptualization, Measurement, and Implications
MIS Quarterly, 34(2), 2010
Daniel Q. Chen, David S. Preston, M. Mocker and W. Teubner

Emerging Markets

Foreign IPO Capital Market Choice:  Understanding the Institutional Fit of Corporate Governance
Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming 2011
Curt Moore, R.G. Bell, I. Filatotchev, and A. Rasheed

Strategic and Institutional Effects on Foreign IPO Performance:  Examining the Impact of Country of Origin, Corporate Governance, and Host Country Effects
Journal of Business Venturing, forthcoming 2011
Curt Moore, R. G. Bell and I. Filatotchev

Entrepreneurship/Small Business

A Measure of Variations in Internal Social Capital Among Family Firms
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, forthcoming 2011
Jon Carr, Michael S. Cole, J. K. Ring, and D. P. Blettner

Young Firm Survival and Growth After Early Internationalization: A Test from a Capabilities Perspective
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 4(2), 2010
Jon Carr, Keith Hmieleski, S. Haggard, and S. A. Zahra

Shared Authentic Leadership and New Venture Performance
Journal of Management, forthcoming 2011
Keith Hmieleski, Michael S. Cole, and R. A. Baron

Entrepreneurs’ Dispositional Positive Affect: The Potential Benefits—and Potential Costs—of Being Up
Journal of Business Venturing, Forthcoming 2011
Keith Hmieleski, R. A. Baron, R. A. and R. A. Henry

The Downside of Being Up:  Entrepreneurs’ Dispositional Affect and Firm Performance
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 5(2), 2011
Keith Hmieleski, R. A. Baron, R. A. and J. Tang

Multilevel Challenges and Opportunities in Social Capital Research
Journal of Management, forthcoming 2011
Curt Moore, G.T. Payne, S. E. Griffis, and C. W. Autry

Do Institutions Matter for Foreign Threshold Firms? The Effects of “Home” and “Host” Country Institutions on Performance of Foreign IPOs
Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 34(3), 2010
Curt Moore, R.G. Bell and I. Filatotchev

Which Entrepreneur Should Own It? Extending Agency Theory to Explain Ownership Patterns in Franchising
Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming 2011
Alexis Perryman and J.G. Combs

Immigrant Entrepreneurs, The Enclave Strategy and Venture Performance
Journal of Management, forthcoming 2011
Richard Priem and H. Ndofor


Are all CEOs Above Average? An Empirical Analysis of Compensation Peer Groups and Pay Design
Journal of Financial Economics, June 2011
John Bizjak, M. Lemmon and T. Ngyuen,

Stock and Option Grants with Performance-Based Vesting Provisions
Review of Financial Studies, v23 (10), 2011
John Bizjak, C. Bettis, J. Coles, and S. Kalpathy

Methods of Valuation:  Myths vs. Reality
Journal of Investing, XIX (4), 2010
Stan Block

Should Banks Repurchase Their Own Shares?
Bank Accounting and Finance, XXIII (4), December 2010
Stan Block

Global Trends in Real Risk Free Rates
Research in International Business and Finance, 25, 2011
Pete Locke and H. He

Derivative Markets
Behavioral Finance, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, H. Kent Baker and John Nofsinger, Eds., 2010
Pete Locke

Structuring Global Property Portfolios: A Cointegration Approach
Journal of Real Estate Research, forthcoming
Larry Lockwood, Y. Zhang and J. Gallo 

Performance of Separately Managed International Equity Accounts: How Important are Country Momentum Effects?
Global Finance Journal, 21, 2010
Larry Lockwood, J. Gallo and R. Bhargava

Sustainable Growth and Stock Returns
Journal of Financial Research, 33, 2010
Larry Lockwood and W. Prombutr

Investment Irreversibility, Cash Flow Risk, and Value-Growth Stock Return Effects
The Financial Review, 45, 2010 
Larry Lockwood, W. Prombutr and J. D. Diltz


Organizational Neuroscience: Taking Organizational Theory Inside the Neural Black Box
Journal of Management, 37, 2010
William Becker, R. Cropanzano and A. Sanfey

Dynamic Aspects of Voluntary Turnover: An Integrated Approach to Curvilinearity in the Performance-Turnover Relationship
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2011
William Becker and R. Cropanzano

The Effect of Job Offer Timing on Job Acceptance, Performance, and Turnover
Personnel Psychology, 63, 2010
William Becker, T. Connolly and J. E. Slaughter

Organizational Neuroscience: Prospects and Promise of an Emerging Discipline
Journal of Organizational Behavior, 31, 2010
William Becker and R. Cropanzano

Affect and Negotiation
The Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, B. M. Goldman and D. L. Shapiro, Eds., forthcoming 2011
William Becker, R. Cropanzano and J. Feldman

Display Rules and Emotional Labor within Work Teams
Research on Emotion in Organizations: What Have We Learned? Ten Years On, (Vol. 7). Bingley, UK: Emerald, C. E. J. Hartel, N. M. Ashkanasy, and W. J. Zerbe, Eds., forthcoming 2011
William Becker and R. Cropanzano

Effects of Procedural Justice on the Relationships Between Work Status Congruence and Organizational Commitment and Citizenship Behaviors
Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(4), 2010
Jon Carr, B. T. Gregory and S. Harris

Job Burnout and Employee Engagement: A Meta-Analytic Examination of Construct Proliferation
Journal of Management, forthcoming 2011
Michael S. Cole, F. Walter, A. G. Bedeian, and E. H. O’Boyle

Energy at Work: A Measurement Validation and Linkage to Unit Effectiveness
Journal of Organizational Behavior, forthcoming 2011
Michael S. Cole, H. Bruch and B. Vogel

Within-Group Agreement: On The Use (and Misuse) of RWG and RWG(J) in Leadership Research and Some Best Practice Guidelines
The Leadership Quarterly, forthcoming 2011
Michael S. Cole, T. Biemann and S. Voelpel

Dispersion-Composition Models in Multilevel Research: A Data-Analytic Framework
Organizational Research Methods, forthcoming 2011
Michael S. Cole, A. G. Bedeian, R. R. Hirschfeld, and B. Vogel

Linking Leader Behavior and Leadership Consensus to Team Performance: Integrating Direct Consensus and Dispersion Models of Group Composition
The Leadership Quarterly, 22, 2011
Michael S. Cole, A. G.  Bedeian, and H. Bruch

Emotional Intelligence: Sine Qua Non of Leadership or Folderol?
Academy of Management Perspectives, 25, 2011
Michael S. Cole, F. Walter, and R. H. Humphrey

Organizational Justice and Individuals’ Withdrawal: Unlocking the Influence of Emotional Exhaustion
Journal of Management Studies, 47, 2010
Michael S. Cole, J. B. Bernerth, F. Walter, and D. T. Holt

Collaborative Innovation with Customers: A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research
International Journal of Management Reviews, forthcoming 2011
Charles R. Greer and D. Lei

Collaborative Innovation with Customers: A Review of the Literature and Suggestions for Future Research
International Journal of Management Reviews, forthcoming 2011
Charles R. Greer and D. Lei

Diverse Succession Planning: Strengthening the Foundations of Talent Management
Managing Diversity in Today's Workplace. Vol. 4: Multicultural Management Strategies for Organizations. Westport, CT: Praeger, M. Paludi, Ed., forthcoming
Charles R. Greer and M. Virick.

Distance and Firm Performance
Organizational Dynamics, forthcoming 2011
Alexis Perryman, T. P. Munyon, J. P. Morgante, and G. R. Ferris

When the CEO Is Ill: Keeping Quiet or Going Public?
Business Horizons, 53, 2010
Alexis Perryman, F. C. Butler, J. A. Martin, and G. R. Ferris

Dysfunctional Executive Behavior: What Can Organizations Do?
Business Horizons (Special Issue on Managing Problem Employees), 53, 2010
Alexis Perryman, J. K. Summers, T. P. Munyon, and G. R. Ferris

Creating ROI in Leadership Development
Organizational Dynamics, 40(2), 2011
Larry H. Peters, John F. Baum and Gregory K. Stephens

Exploring the Dynamics of Workgroup Fracture: Common Ground, Trust-with-Trepidation and Warranted Distrust
Journal of Management, forthcoming 2011
Richard Priem and P.C. Nystrom

Achieving Demand-side Synergy from Strategic Diversification: How Combining Mundane Assets Can Leverage Consumer Utilities
Organization Science, forthcoming 2011
Richard Priem, G. Ye and A. Alshwer

Top Management Team Trust, Behavioral Integration and the Performance of International Joint Ventures
Journal of Asian Business Studies, forthcoming 2011
Richard Priem, W. O. Leung, L.  Xin, and M. Shaffer

Decisions, Decisions! How Judgment Policy Studies Can Integrate Macro and Micro Domains in Management
Journal of Management, 37, 2011
Richard Priem, B. A.  Walters and S. Li

The Resource-based View Revisited: Comparative Firm Advantage, Willingness-Based Isolating Mechanisms and Competitive Heterogeneity
European Management Review, 7, 2010
Richard Priem, A. Madhok and S. Li

Top Management Team Communication Networks, Environmental Uncertainty, and Organizational Performance: Contingency View
Journal of Managerial Issues, XXII, 2010
Richard Priem, L. Xin, H. A. Ndofor and J. Picken

Does Option Repricing Retain Executives?
Financial Management, forthcoming 2011
Stuart A. Youngblood, Sandra R. Callaghan and C. Subramaniam


How Consumer Shopping Influences Perceived Crowding, Excitement, and Stress at the Mall
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming
Julie Baker and K. Wakefield

How Website Socialness Leads to Website Use
European Journal of Information Systems, 20, 2011
Julie Baker, R. Wakefield, K. Wakefield, and L. Wang

The Convergent Validity of Structural Measures of Differentiation Derived from Repertory Grids
Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 23, 2010
Bill Cron, A. Baldauf and S. Grossenbacher

Sales Force Strategy
The Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, United Kingdom: Blackwell Publishing Limited, J. Sheth and N. K. Malhotra, Eds., 2010
Bill Cron and D. Cravens

Does Consumer Skepticism Negate the Effects of Visceral Cues? An Investigation into Visceral Cues and Consumer Skepticism in an Advertising Context
International Journal of Advertising, forthcoming 2011
Stacy Landreth Grau and C. Amos

The Managerial Implications of Carbon Management Systems: Being Prepared for Regulation
European Business Review, forthcoming 2011
Stacy Landreth Grau, M. J. Polonsky and M. Miles

Experiential Learning for Non-Business Students: Student Engagement Using a Marketing Tradeshow
Marketing Education Review, forthcoming 2011
Stacy Landreth Grau and Robert Akin

Cause-Related Marketing: The Effects of Purchase Quantity and Firm Donation Amount on Consumer Inferences and Participation Intentions
Journal of Retailing, 86(4), 2010
Stacy Landreth Grau, J. A. Garretson Folse and R. Neidrich

The New Greenwash? Potential Marketing Problems with Carbon Offsets
International Journal of Business Studies, 18(1), 2010
Stacy Landreth Grau, M. J. Polonsky and R. Garma

Assessing Social Impact of Charitable Organizations – Four Alternative Approaches
International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 14, 2010
Stacy Landreth Grau, M. J. Polonsky

Reassessing Firm Size in International Marketing Research
Journal of Global Marketing, 24(1), 2011
Mark B. Houston, T. Suh and  H. Yi

The Impact of Mission Fulfillment on the Internal Audience: Psychological Job Outcomes in a Service Setting
Journal of Service Research, 14(1), 2011
Mark B. Houston, T. Suh, S. Barney, and I. G. Kwon

Distinguishing Trust and Reputation in Buyer-Supplier Relationships
Industrial Marketing Management, 39, 2010
Mark B. Houston, T. Suh, S. Barney and I. G. Kwon

Dynamic Strategic Goal-Setting: Theory and Initial Evidence
Review of Marketing Research, Vol. 7, Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd., 2010
Mark B. Houston, S. Ratneshwar, L. Ricci, and A. J. Malter for N. Malhotra (Ed.)

Unpacking What a ‘Relationship’ Means to Commercial Buyers: How the Relationship Metaphor Creates Tension and Obscures Experience
Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming 2012
Mark B. Houston, C. P. Blocker and D. J. Flint

The Efficacy of Alternative Decision Rules for Highly Perishable Consumer Goods
International Journal of Business Research, 10 (2), 2010
Charles Lamb, T. F. Badgett and D. S. Elenkov

Is Market Orientation a Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage or Simply the Cost of Competing?
Journal of Marketing, 75 (1), 2011
Robert Leone, V. Kumar, E. Jones and R. Venkatesan

Assessing Price Elasticity for Private Labels and National Brands by Store Locations
Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 2010
Robert Leone, M. Huang, E. Jones, and D. E. Hahn

Driving Profitability by Encouraging Customer Referrals: Who, When and How
Journal of Marketing, 74(5), 2010
Robert Leone, V. Kumar and J. A. Petersen

Country Differences Concerning Sales Organization and Salesperson Antecedents of Sales Unit Effectiveness
Journal of World Business, 46(1), 2011
George Low, N. F. Piercy, D. W. Cravens

Improving Professional Selling Effectiveness Through the Alignment of Buyer and Seller Exchange Approaches
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, forthcoming
William C. Moncrief, C. Autry and M. Williams

Tracking and Updating Academic Research in Selling and Sales Management:  A Decade Later
Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 30(3), 2010 
William C. Moncrief, K. Richards and G. W. Marshall

Truly, Madly, Deeply: Consumers in the Throes of Material Possession Love
Journal of Consumer Research, August 2011
Nancy J. Sirianni and J. Lastovicka

Post-transaction Communications and Dissonance Reduction: A Commentary
Sage Publications Series on Legends in Marketing, S. D. Hunt, Volume 7: Marketing Management and Strategy, R. Varadarajan, Ed., 2010
Chris White

Global Account Management Strategies: Drivers and Outcomes
Journal of International Business Studies, 41, 2010
Chris White, L. Hui Shi, S. Zou, and S. T. Cavusgil

The Role of Accent Standadness in Message Favorabiklity and Recall
Journal of Advertising, forthcoming
Eric A. Yorkston, A. Morales and M. Scott

The Malleable Brand: The Role of Implicit Theories in Evaluating Brand Extension
Journal of Marketing, 74(1), 2010
Eric A. Yorkston, J. C. Nunes and S. Matta

Real Estate

To Be E-Only or Not To Be E-Only – That is the Question
Journal of Real Estate Literature, Vol. 18 (1), 2010
Mauricio Rodriguez

Supply Chain 

Project Scheduling
Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering, Chapter 8 in Volume 8, Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons Ltd., R. Blockley and W. Shyy, Eds., 2010
Tyson R. Browning

Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Scheduling: Priority Rule Performance Revisited
International Journal of Production Economics, 126(2), 2010
Tyson R. Browning and A. A. Yassine

On the Alignment of the Purposes and Views of Process Models in Project Management
Journal of Operations Management, 28(4), 2010
Tyson R. Browning

A Random Generator of Resource-Constrained Multi-Project Network Problems
Journal of Scheduling, 13(2), 2010
Tyson R. Browning and A. A. Yassine

Benchmarking for Sustainability:  An Application to the Sustainable Construction Industry
Benchmarking: An International Journal, 17(3), 2010
Laura Meade and A. Presley

Sustainability in the Built Environment
The Handbook of Corporate Sustainability: Frameworks, Strategies and Tools, Edward Elgar Publishers, Cheltenham, UK; Northamton, MA, USA, M. A. Quaddus and M. A. B. Siddique, Eds., 2010
Laura Meade

On Decisions for Integration Implementation: An Examination of Complements to Product-Process Technology Integration and Their Influences on Manufacturing Capabilities
Decision Sciences Journal, 41(2), 2010
Morgan Swink, R. Narasimhan, and S. Viswanatham

Product Portfolio Architectural Complexity and Operational Performance: Incorporating the Roles of Learning and Fixed Assets
Journal of Operations Management, forthcoming 2011
Morgan Swink and M. Jacobs

An Empirical Investigation of the Combinatorial Nature of Operations Practices and Operations Capabilities: Compensatory or Additive?
International Journal of Operations and Production Management, forthcoming 2011
Morgan Swink, S. Wu and S. A. Melnyk

The Roles of Worker Expertise, Information Sharing Quality, and Psychological Safety in Manufacturing Process Innovation: An Intellectual Capital Perspective
Production Operations Management Journal, forthcoming 2011
Morgan Swink and J. Lee

Behavioral Research in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
International Journal of Logistics Management, 21(1), 2010
Travis Tokar

Retail Promotions and Information Sharing in the Supply Chain: A Controlled Experiment
International Journal of Logistics Management, 22(1), 2011
Travis Tokar, J. Aloysius, M. Waller, and B. Williams

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