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Neeley Fellows Experience: "Translating Knowledge into Action"


Our Mission:
To educate and develop individuals of extraordinary potential with curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities to effect change in the global community


As part of Neeley Fellows, students stretch beyond their already competitive undergraduate business coursework to gain a deeper understanding of the world of business beyond the classroom.  Neeley Fellows engage in activities designed to integrate practical skills with theoretical learning for an enriched educational experience. 

 Neeley Fellows allows students to gain:
  • Familiarity of the business world beyond the classroom
  • Rigorous academic experiences
  • Global outlook and experience
  • Professional self-awareness and development 
  • Significant contribution to business and society
  • Key association with business leaders and Neeley alumni
  • Life-long relationships with current members and alumni of Neeley Fellows
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Who Are We?

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“The Neeley Fellows is undoubtedly why I have been able to land my dream job. Surrounded by students who are driven, intelligent, hard-working, and charismatic, I have learned how to make a great impression and deliver outstanding results in the workplace. Thanks to Fellows, I have grown into the person I wanted to be when I graduated college, and I can't wait to keep up this momentum going into my career!”

Sydney Schumacher, Class of 2019  


Each year, Neeley Fellows selects approximately 32 exceptional first-year students to join this premier program.  This honor is reserved for students who:

  • Complete at least 24 credits by the end of their first-year
  • Achieve a GPA of at least a 3.5 at the end of each semester of their freshman year
  • Actively demonstrate leadership and community service

The curriculum allows Neeley Fellows to fulfill most of the TCU Honors College requirements to graduate with either University or Departmental Honors in Business and a diploma from the John V. Roach Honors College.


Neeley Fellows complete rigorous and experientially enhanced classes taught by exceptional Neeley School professors in a small class format, as well as engage in a range of activities designed to integrate practical skills and theoretical learning for an enriched educational experience. 

  • Business tours and site visits
  • Travel opportunities
  • Professional development, workshops and events
  • Exclusive Neeley School events
  • Dedicated academic advising
  • Personal coaching
  • Mentoring from Neeley Fellows alumni
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Statement of Values

The Neeley Fellows program Statement of Values is meant to guide the actions of the program members. Students will demonstrate these values in their decision making, personal behaviors and interactions.

As Neeley Fellows, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of excellence and achievement in all endeavors with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

We believe our responsibility within Neeley Fellows is to:

  • Develop dedication to our academic pursuits and intellectual curiosity 
  • Develop a culture committed to both professional and personal growth 
  • Promote teamwork in an active learning environment 
  • Foster personal relationships and mutual support, both today as students and in the future as professionals.

We believe our responsibility within Texas Christian University is to prioritize academics while maintaining campus involvement and leadership.

We believe that our responsibility to the Professional Communities in which we work is to become ethical leaders with a global perspective and a commitment to enact positive change.

We believe our responsibility within the Greater Community in which we live is to devote our time and talents to serving the community

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The Neeley Fellows program values unique development not only inside the classroom but also understanding business outside of the classroom. Neeley Fellows are given a rich opportunity to experience business in a variety of landscapes.

As sophomores, the Neeley Fellows travel to one of the most savvy business cultures in the world, New York City. Highlights include a visit to Wall Street, corporate site visits, Madison Avenue, alumni engagement and time to explore the city. 

Students from across all three cohorts have the opportunity to travel to the West Coast [trip alternates between San Francisco or Seattle each year] during Fall Break. Click here for a video from the 2018 trip to Seattle.

Following the junior year, Neeley Fellows have the opportunity to travel to South America as part of the Responsible Global Business Perspective course. Click here to see a video from the 2019 trip to Chile.

Contact Us

Meg Lehman, Program Director

Dr. Bill Moncrief, Academic Director
(817) 257-6185

Lynn Muller, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Program and Academic Advisor
(817) 257-7522

Cathy Cox, Administrative Program Specialist

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