High School Investor Challenge® FAQs

When and how will I be notified if I’m selected?
All applicants will receive an email the first week of May telling you if you have been accepted into the program. Students that are accepted will be sent a packet of materials you will need to complete and return to TCU.

Should I type or handwrite my application?
Typed is preferred but you can handwrite IF your handwriting is legible.

What if I don’t submit my application by the deadline date?
Completed applications must be received by the deadline date, including transcripts and recommendations; no exceptions will be made. We will not accept applications via e-mail. You must mail your application to the address provided.

How many applications do you receive and how many students do you accept?
We receive approximately 160 applications. A maximum of 40 students are admitted to each Challenge.

What if I already have plans and need to come late/leave early?
You must arrive on campus by 2:30 p.m. on the first day of the program. In order to complete the program, you should plan to stay until Friday at noon.  There is a lunch for students, family, and TCU program staff at noon on Friday. We would like you and your family to attend that but if you must leave early, that can be arranged. Your parent must communicate with the TCU program staff regarding early departure so that we can be sure you are checked out of the residence hall.

I don’t have my senior schedule yet, what should I do?
List the classes you plan to take your senior year if your schedule is not official yet.

I haven’t taken my PSAT/SAT/ACT yet, may I still apply?
Yes, you may still apply to the program.

I’m an athlete. Will I be allowed to train (swim, run, lift weights) during the HSIC?
You will not have the opportunity to train during the week. One evening we do go to the University Recreational Center where you will have access to a pool, volley ball courts, basketball courts and an indoor running track.

I am home schooled and don’t have a teacher or counselor to provide a recommendation. What should I do?
You can have a family friend or an employer provide the recommendation.

Do I have to submit an official transcript?
The transcript must come from the school office. It doesn’t have to be the ‘official’ transcript but it cannot be a copy of your grades from another source.

Can the recommendation and transcript be submitted separately from the application?
Yes, the recommendation and transcript can be submitted separately. It is the student’s responsibility to be sure the items have been sent to TCU. These documents must be sent by mail and received by the due date.

Does TCU provide transportation to or from the airport to the campus?
We do not provide transportation to or from the campus.

What time should I arrive on Sunday?
You should not arrive on campus earlier than 1:30 pm. Before that time there will not be staff available to get you into the residence hall.

If I have any further questions what is the best form of communication?
The fastest way to get your questions answered is to e-mail us at cfs@tcu.edu.