Stand and Deliver

Roll up your sleeves.

TCU’s stand-and-deliver approach puts you at the center of the action. It’s about leading a team, making tough decisions and responding to market changes. Some business schools give you ordinary coursework, but TCU gives you real experiences. You can:

  • Work as a Neeley and Associates consultant for PepsiCo to boost product sales in Walmart stores.
  • Test your Wall Street smarts managing TCU’s $1.5-million Educational Investment Fund.
  • Experience global business up close on study trips to China, South Africa, Italy, Chile and other destinations.
  • Battle the nation’s other top MBAs in the Sony case competition, Texas Shoot-Out real estate contest, Association for Corporate Growth competition and other challenges.
  • Show off your on-the-spot thinking during Neeley Connections by teaming with top execs to tackle their toughest business problems.
  • Learn about micro-loans and community development on social entrepreneurship trips to Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and other countries.
  • Pump up your professional toolkit by working with leadership coaches, networking with CEOs over dinner during C-Level Confidential and polishing your presentation skills through the Center for Professional Communication.

Experiences like these prepare TCU students to make a splash in the workplace. Here’s the proof:

  • Cherie Cao impressed Procter & Gamble’s global product supply officer, Keith Harrison, during a small-group C-Level Confidential dinner—and the next day he connected her with P&G’s Guangzhou HR team to discuss jobs in China.
  • Employers clamored to interview Bo Durasinovic after key strategic decisions during TCU’s week-long business simulation propelled his team to a first-place finish.
  • After leaving a great impression during a day-long informational interview at the General Services Administration, Ryan Johnson was the group’s first choice when a portfolio manager position opened up a few months later.
  • Ed Guidry’s performance on a Neeley and Associates consulting team with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics grabbed the attention of IBM execs—who hired him for a sales consultant position in Omaha.

Hard facts about TCU’s stand-and-deliver programs

  • 26 companies improved by Neeley and Associates consultants in the past four years.
  • $1.5 million to invest in the student investment fund.
  • 120 students met with Warren Buffett in the last three years.
  • 50 hours of personal leadership training.
  • 815,000+ miles logged on international study trips every year.

Learn more about TCU's stand-and-deliver programs

  • Consulting Experience

    TCU’s Neeley & Associates Consulting group gives you extended experience working with worldwide brands as your clients—PepsiCo, Lockheed Martin, Alcon and others—and professional business consultants as your mentors.

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  • Case Competitions

    How do TCU MBAs stack up against the B-school elite? Let’s just say our MBAs enjoy a little healthy competition.

    Learn More

  • Hank Thompson

    Targeting a career in the energy field, Hank Thompson builds a high-octane resume.

    Learn More

  • Erika Jackson

    Tackling real business issues from GameStop’s social media plan to Wal-Mart’s chip-aisle strategy, Erika Jackson adds proven results to her resume.

    Learn More

  • Graham Radler

    For Graham, a TCU career trip to visit hiring managers on Wall Street led to an internship at Nomura Securities, the world’s 10th-largest investment bank, and opportunities beyond.

    Learn More

  • Morgan Steinbrunner

    A full dosage of innovative hands-on programs and case competitions was the prescription Morgan Steinbrunner needed to launch her health care career.

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  • Social Entrepreneurship Experiences

    Some business people live for making money, but the new breed of social entrepreneurs focuses on changing lives.  For students who join in on TCU’s social entrepreneurship trips, it’s a chance to put their business acumen to work for a good cause.

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  • Neeley Connections

    Peer into the minds of CEOs. In the Neeley Connections program, you’ll experience the challenges they face every day and learn about the thinking process that guides their decisions.

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  • Neeley and Associates

    Through TCU's Neeley and Associates consulting program, your team will work to transform real businesses.

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  • Internships

    All TCU MBAs complete internships. That’s one reason why they graduate 100-percent ready for today’s global and multifaceted business world.

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  • Integrative Project

    The weeklong business simulation, affectionately known on campus as “the IP,” draws on all you’ve learned — everything from supply chain concepts to financial reporting — and throws curveball after curveball your way.

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