Princeton Review Ranks TCU MBA Students #10

After surveying thousands of MBA students,  The Princeton Review’s Best Business Schools (2011 edition) recognized TCU MBA students at #10 for Most Competitive Students based on student assessment of strength of their classmates, rigor of the academic workload, and the perceived academic pressure.

Per the survey, “The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University maintains ‘great connections’ in the area, bringing in ‘the best fac­ulty, who are well-published and have been in their industries or departments for a long time.’ Real-world applications are definitely emphasized here, and ‘The professors have lot of industry experience and this makes the teaching very effective.’ “

The survey continues, “At TCU, the MBA workload is substantial. Students warn, ‘The first two semesters can be completely exhausting’—but you’ll get plenty of support, too. Despite TCU’s big city opportunities, intimacy is what sets this MBA program apart. At TCU, ‘Faculty bends over backwards to maximize our experiences’ and they ‘genuinely care about the suc­cess of the students.’ ”

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