Lisa Scott

“Ever since day one, I’ve been shaking hands with CEOs and recruiting execs from all around the world.”

Lisa Scott sets her sights on the health care industry

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia.
Former career: Production supervisor in television commercial production industry.
Future life: Marketing position in the health care industry.
Cool fact: She studied micro lending in the Dominican Republic.

ATL to DFW: She may hail from Atlanta, but she’s gotten attached to Texas. The DFW area offers a metropolitan flair — with major athletic complexes and entertainment options — and business opportunities galore. “There are so many companies headquartered in Fort Worth. DFW is a place where I can see myself landing a job and settling down.”

Career coaching: The Graduate Career Center is instrumental to students who are new (or maybe a little rusty) to the interview game for MBA-level jobs. So don’t be surprised if your career coach asks you to start searching for an internship on Day One. “I’d never done an important phone interview before, so I practiced with my career coach. She taught me how to let my personality shine through. She’s a great sounding board.”

Foot in the door: When Medi-Dyne Health Products, a company dedicated to foot care and stretching/strengthening equipment, conducted on-campus interviews, Lisa wowed the recruiter with her interest in international work. The interview translated into a rare spring internship. “When I first started here, I felt like a fish out of water. I thought, ‘I don’t have a background in economics. What am I doing in business school?’ I do, however, speak Spanish and studied abroad. So when Medi-Dyne was looking to develop the international part of the company, my background — along with everything I’ve learned at TCU — made me a lock for the international sales and marketing internship.”

Marketing herself: She’s focused on marketing, but she’s keeping an eye on the health care industry. Lisa worked a global brand management internship in the surgical department of Alcon over the summer. “I’m fascinated with how Alcon will approach emerging markets in Third World countries. Web campaigns, brand extensions — I did something different every day.”

VIP section: Who knew that the president of TCU’s National Association of Women MBAs would be responsible for organizing a VIP lounge at the national conference? Lisa and her fellow MBAs will deck out the room in purple swag to attract conference attendees (and future employers). “We’re creating a unique space so our group can get exclusive access to network with these businesswomen. NAWMBA is about developing relationships with women like us. It’s inspiring to see women rise to success in a male-dominated business environment.”

Dining in: High-powered female execs dish out career advice at C-Level Confidential dinners, TCU’s small-group conversations with business leaders. Chesapeake Vice President of Urban Development Julie Wilson shared how she rose to the top in the oil and gas industry. “There are definitely challenges in gender communications. Learn to pick your battles.”

Conference connections: Rubbing elbows with like-minded individuals at national career fairs is just one of the many ways TCU primed Lisa for a professional career. Last year she traveled to Louisville with seven other NAWMBA members to attend the association’s annual conference. “All these experiences get you in the mode of talking to employers and figuring out how to sell yourself. My advice for anyone attending a career conference? Bring a big stack of resumes and be ready to smile all day. And wear comfortable shoes!”

Lisa Scott

How to network like a pro

Get out there and meet everyone you can.

Use a firm handshake.

Don’t be nervous. You are deserving of the big exec’s attention. Remember: It’s not “us” and “them.” It’s “us” and “us.”

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