Shannon Kingman

On the fact track

TCU’s accelerated MBA proves the right diagnosis for a successful health care career

Hometown: Austin, Texas.
Former life: Business consultant with Accenture.
Future life: Strategy position at Texas Health Resources, one of the nation’s largest faith-based, nonprofit health care systems.
Cool fact: She met Warren Buffett on a TCU trip to Omaha.

Frequent flyer: Although working as a high-flying consultant developed Shannon’s expertise in industries ranging from health care to financial services, consulting felt like a short-term career. It was time to get a life. “In the traditional consulting model, you work at the client site for three to six months at a time. You get on a plane on Monday morning, then fly home on Thursday night. It’s hard to sustain that lifestyle for the long-term. But I got a lot of good and varied experience from doing it.”

Fast track: The flexible curriculum of TCU’s one-year accelerated MBA program was a deciding factor. The accelerated MBA is designed for students with a BBA and prior business experience who want to move forward in the same or a closely related career field.  Shannon was able to bypass some of the typical introductory classes in favor of career-focused electives, and earned a customized MBA in half the time. “I loved that you can focus and go deeper into the topics that interest you. In terms of time away from the workplace and lost salary, it’s a real benefit to get in and get out.”

To your health: The Health Care Seminar course, offered through TCU’s joint program with the University of North Texas Health Science Center, draws industry leaders into the classroom. “These are hospital presidents and CEOs, people you normally don’t have easy access to, but they spend a full hour with you. I’m impressed that they’re so passionate about health care. They’ll tell you that they’re in the business of keeping people healthy. Yes, there’s a bottom line — there has to be — but that’s not the driving force.”

You’re hired: The parade of C-level execs, industry leaders and important alumni speaking on campus is an asset that can’t be overlooked. Shannon’s conversations with two speakers led to dual job offers.“The way I found my ‘in’ with both speakers is that I introduced myself to them on campus and followed up. I didn’t just meet them and then never see them again. Most people will say, ‘If you need anything, call me,’ at which point I feel comfortable taking them up on it.”

Soft sell: The Consumer Insights class mixes marketing and psychology — with an eye on the bottom line. It pinpoints ways to leverage human behavior into sales, from developing targeted ad strategies to placing shopping baskets throughout stores to generate more purchases. “After that class, I think about things differently. When I’m in the ice cream aisle, I’ll notice how things are arranged. I’ll pay attention to how signage is placed. You’ll never shop the same way again.”


“In the accelerated program, I loved that you can focus and go deeper into the topics that interest you.”

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