Career Connections

Get linked in.

Trust us: In business, who you know is as important as what you know.

That’s why TCU works with you to build a personal network of business connections. Whether you’re presenting to business execs for a class project, enjoying a candid lunchtime chat with a CEO or transforming an alumni contact into a job offer, TCU’s connections will pay off. Here’s what TCU offers you:

A motivated alumni network
The Neeley School’s network of 15,000 alumni extends across the country—and spans the globe. And because the network is built on personal bonds, our alumni can be more motivated to link you in. It’s never surprising to hear about TCU alumni hiring our MBAs, passing on names of qualified candidates or serving as professional mentors. Other alumni volunteer with experiential programs like consulting projects, case studies, the integrative project business simulation and more.

One recent example: Ralph Goedderz (MBA ’97), vice president of supply chain finance and innovation at Frito-Lay, hosted a Neeley Connections session where students and execs analyzed the impact of a straight-from-the-headlines merger in the snack biz. Goedderz says the program is a mechanism to for TCU MBAs to both learn and leverage.

“The MBAs learn about complex business issues and see how execs think when solving them. Knowing how to ask the right questions is what really sets certain students apart,” he said. “And the opportunity to develop relationships and network also matters. A number of internship and job offers come straight from Neeley Connections.”

Interactions with top companies
Meeting with recruiters when they interview on campus is only one way to get hired. TCU’s stand and-deliver programs link our MBA students to the best companies.

  • For Daniel Graham, a Neeley & Associates Consulting project grew into a summer internship at Lockheed Martin.
  • For Ayesha Narula, a Graduate Career Center mock interview turned into an internship with Galderma, a world leader in dermatology products.
  • For Andrew Sweeny, the integrative project business simulation didn’t just cap off the first semester—it led to a corporate finance internship with PepsiCo.
  • For Graham Radler, the Capital Markets Club trip to Wall Street laid the groundwork for his internship with Nomura Securities, the world’s 10th-largest global investment bank.

Classmates you can count on
Your own classmates may turn out to be the gears that drive your long-term career. TCU’s small classes and personal touches build strong ties based on shared experiences, a team mentality and flat-out friendships.

  • When Zac Walsh (MBA ’08) moved from Corning Cable Systems market analyst to territory account manager at VMware, he recommended former classmate Matt Smart for his old position, prepped him for the interview and laid the groundwork for Matt’s hire.
  • For Joseph Murray, TCU’s Get Hired work group generates jobs leads and interviews.  The students meet each week to focus their job searches and to share contacts. As they get deeper into their networking, they often uncover opportunities that seem custom-tailored for a particular classmate’s goals and skills.

Former MBA classmates Jennifer Treviño (MBA ’04) and Chris Kalish (MBA ’03) have careers that orbit around each other. They served as co-presidents of TCU’s women’s MBA group and swore they’d work together someday—and they did. They’ve served on boards together, and at one point Kalish passed her job to Treviño. Today Treviño is vice president of administration and chief of staff to the president at the UNT Health Science Center, and Kalish is an executive consultant at Beacon Partners.

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