Energy Industry Emphasis

Rev up your resume with a focus on energy.

With the energy business flourishing—especially in Texas—many TCU MBAs want to give their resumes a boost.

Through TCU’s energy industry emphasis, you’ll take elective courses that give you a broad overview of energy, covering supply and demand in all of the primary fuels and the U.S. electric power market. You’ll focus on the strategic-planning skills needed to define a national energy policy. But you won’t think about energy in a vacuum: you’ll also talk about how to make money.

And our professors know the industry inside and out. Dr. Tom Bates shares experiences as senior advisor for Lime Rock Partners, a growth capital investor in energy companies worldwide. He brings his experience with global companies straight into his classroom. “Lime Rock holds a portfolio of 45 companies,” he said. “So I have 45 good CEOs to use as examples.”

For one of Bates’ classes, the final exam challenges you to present and defend a national energy policy proposal. You think about strategic opportunities, competitive threats and what happens if the U.S. continues on the same path. You can use taxes, subsidies, mandates and the free market as tools in your policy proposal. By considering subjects ranging from natural gas to global warming to energy efficiency, you and your fellow students develop game-changing ideas that could provide important contributions to national energy policy.

Here are some other ways TCU’s energy career focus can rev up your resume:

Energy Forum
The Energy Forum allows you to interact directly with senior executives from prominent energy companies such as Chesapeake, Range Resources, Luminant and Quicksilver. This is your chance to ask questions and carry on a conversation with execs about the energy industry, leadership responsibilities and career progression. 

Networking with energy execs
You can listen to big-time execs dish out career advice at C-Level Confidential dinners. Chesapeake Vice President of Corporate Development Julie Wilson shared how she rose to the top in the male-dominated oil and gas industry. “It was interesting to hear how she tackled these challenges and got her hands dirty,” said MBA Lisa Scott. “And learned when to pick her battles.”

Energy Club
TCU’s MBA Energy Club brings together students targeting careers in energy. Club members attend the NAPE expo (the world’s largest oil and gas prospect event), tour manufacturing plants and meet with energy analysts at billion-dollar investment firms. “A lot of students here were interested in energy, and many of the part-time MBAs were already working in energy-related businesses,” said Energy Club founder Hank Thompson. “And the faculty members seem really well connected.”

You can find an internship that will fuel your career. MBA Graham Radler spent the summer on Wall Street working with Nomura Securities’ global natural resources investment group. “Working in mergers/acquisitions and with IPOs with the world’s 10th-largest investment bank is the golden touch you want on your resume,” said Graham. “This experience can take my career to places I’ve never imagined.”

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