Consulting Experience

Shouldn’t your consulting experience be more than just homework?

Some MBA programs offer a little homework assignment that passes as “consulting.”

But TCU’s Neeley & Associates Consulting group gives you extended experience working with worldwide brands as your clients—PepsiCo, Lockheed Martin, Alcon and others—and professional business consultants as your mentors. TCU’s experience is meaningful.

And here’s why:

Learning from seasoned consultants
A big advantage of TCU’s program is that you learn from seasoned pros. Subject matter experts from Accenture and Hitachi lend their ears during practice presentations and give feedback that will help you transform a business. These consultants, with years of experience under their belts, coach you on how to lead your clients into new ways of thinking and how to deliver recommendations that companies may not want to hear.

“The Accenture consultants helped us narrow the scope of our project,” said MBA Marissa Limsiaco, a consultant on a property development project for Hillwood. “After they helped us find our focus, it was much easier to give our client what they wanted.”

The consultants train TCU’s MBAs to get to the heart of the problem. “They taught us about perspective: knowing what did matter, and what didn't matter,” said Daniel Graham MBA ’10, who evaluated the ROI on leadership training for Lockheed Martin. “Being new to consulting, we often had trouble discerning where to focus, since everything seemed equally important in our eyes. The Accenture pros were able to help us find the core issues so that we didn't waste time spinning our wheels on other things.”

Building your leadership as a principal consultant
Some students just can’t get enough. Some of the brightest second-year MBAs are hand-picked to become the team leaders for the next class of consultants.

As principal, MBA David Boelens was responsible for selecting project teams, scoping the projects, managing his team and getting it to the finish line. One of his duties included making the initial site visit to “sell” TCU to Hillwood.

“My pitch was, ‘Your company can develop a win-win relationship with a local school, and you’ll get a quality product for a price that can’t be beat,’” he said. “I used to be confident in myself as a person, but not in my ability to participate in business conversation. Now I am.”

Focusing your career with experience
Working with your personal career coach and industry experts during TCU bootcamps pinpoints the key experiences you need to reach your career goals. For Morgan Steinbrunner, who worked on three health care projects to build her career specialty, consulting projects were a strategic way to make her resume more competitive.

“Getting exposure to world of business is invaluable,” said Morgan. “Being able to work with three companies helped me understand the business side of things. And seeing different aspects of health care—both for-profit and nonprofit—gives me an advantage. I’m competing with other MBAs with years of experience so I needed to get up to speed and develop a specialty.”

Leveraging your consulting gig into an offer
Not only will your consulting gig build experience, it could also result in an internship or job offer. “I don't know if my two years of in-depth consulting is the only reason Lockheed Martin hired me. But I am positive that I would not have gotten the job offer without this experience,” said MBA Daniel Graham. “Because of my exposure to the company, I was able to speak intelligently and meaningfully with recruiters, as well as focus my job search on the programs within the company that interested me. The Neeley & Associates Consulting experience is something that I was able to talk about in every single interview, with Lockheed Martin and with other companies.”

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