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All TCU MBAs complete internships. That’s one reason why they graduate 100-percent ready for today’s global and multifaceted business world.

In the traditional business school model, each year’s class gets funneled into the same positions with the same companies. But at TCU, where each student works with a personal career coach to map out specific career goals, the approach to locating internships is completely customized to you.

What’s the best way to land a dream internship? Here are some strategies that work — and recent success stories that show why:

Focus early — and do the legwork
Even before classes started, Preston Neely knew he wanted a career in energy. So he set his sights on three energy companies in DFW.

After researching the businesses and making connections galore, he lined up an internship with Energy Future Holdings in Dallas by early spring. Because he was the first TCU MBA to work there, he helped grow the TCU network for future students.

Demonstrate what you can bring to an organization
Emily Howard knew she wanted to work in nonprofit management, but most agencies are too small to offer a regular MBA intern position. Her challenge was to prove what an MBA could bring to the nonprofit world — and to essentially write her own job description.

After networking with alumni and working with TCU’s Neeley Graduate Career Services Center, she received nine internship offers. She chose Livestrong in Austin.

Cool fact: a marketing club trip to Austin months earlier was a foot in the door for Emily. Club members attended on-site presentations and meetings with execs from Livestrong and other target companies.

Take advantage of the TCU reputation
Some schools just mail out books of MBA resumes, but TCU’s career services office does one better: it draws potential employees to witness TCU students at work.

Jeremy Shields secured an internship with Kings III of America, the nation’s biggest seller of ADA security telephones, by carving out a place for himself with the company. After the company CEO saw Jeremy in action during TCU’s START workshop and heard the presentations from the integrative project business simulation, he created an internship position for a marketing MBA from TCU.

Grow your internship into a full-time job
When DFW-based Healthcare Payment Specialists, a medical reimbursement company that works with 1,900 hospitals, needed additional finance expertise, it hired Irena Matejevic as an intern.

After her summer internship ended, Irena stayed in touch. A year later the company created a full-time position tailored for her.

How to find a great internship
Tips from LaTanya Johns, Director of the Neeley Graduate Career Services Center

  1. Leverage your TCU connections by participating in campus events.
    Don’t miss events like the dean’s speaker series. You’ll hear from a top business leader, but also be surrounded by a packed room of industry leaders.
  2. Use your own network
    Maximize your professional contacts by staying in touch with former bosses, recent co-workers and even your undergrad friends. When you set your sights on an internship, these people can help you meet your goals.
  3. Educate yourself about the business landscape
    Learn about the companies you want to work for. Investigate hiring trends in the key industries you’re focused on.

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