Nathan Dean

Putting TCU’s personal connections to work

TCU’s accelerated program puts Nathan Dean on the fast track.

Hometown: Fort Worth.
Former career: Investment broker with TD Ameritrade.
Future life: Business analyst in Capital One Financial’s mortgage division.
Cool fact: He’s a baseball statistician who works with the Texas Rangers.

Fast track: Nathan chose TCU’s one-year accelerated MBA to limit his time out of the work force as much as possible. The accelerated MBA is designed for students with a BBA and prior business experience who want to move forward in the same or a closely related career field. “The experience required is higher for that program, and you have to be able to articulate what you want to do and why. But I could work full time in the summer while taking classes in the evening, so I was only out about nine months. It’s a good option for people who already have business experience and aren’t making a big career transition.”

Global view: Nathan analyzed investment flow in and out of Eastern Europe — an important topic during a global recession — with professor Gary Bruton. Nathan read about the research project on the school website, then approached Bruton about joining the team. “I can’t believe I got hired for that research assistantship. I showed up, I said I wanted to get involved and then it happened. I don’t think that would work at many schools.”

Ready to launch: With its powerful and varied economy, DFW is a prime place to launch any career — and TCU’s extensive industry links help make it happen. “TCU is very plugged into everything going on in the region. With a little bit of legwork, it’s not hard to find someone in DFW — and far beyond — who loves TCU and knows how to connect you with the kind of job you want.”

Interview ready: His TCU career coach — an expert on how specific companies interview and hire — helped Nathan prepare for the case-style interview he’d face at Capital One. Nathan set up a spreadsheet of the 200 most common interview questions and practiced answering them, especially the top 30. “In my interviews they asked me just three questions, but I was able to modify my answers for the top 30 and apply them to those three.”

Diploma and more: Nathan graduated with an MBA, a proven track record of solving business problems and a new group of friends. But what’s his best result? “My own little private Rolodex of contacts is the most valuable thing I’m taking away. The net effect on my career will be great.”

Grand slam: Even his side gig as a statistician came as a result of TCU connections. At an MBA mixer, he met a business consultant who’s also passionate about baseball. “So now I get paid to go out and score games for the Rangers. It’s exciting to get paid for something that I’d do anyway — and for free!”

“My own little private Rolodex of contacts is the most valuable thing I’m taking away. The net effect on my career will be great.”

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