Pablo Berruecos

“If my professors are just acting, they deserve Oscars.”

Pablo Berruecos tests whether TCU lives up to the hype

Hometown: Medellin, Colombia.
Former life: Working as a money manager and introducing broker for foreign exchange brokerages.
Current career: Market operations role for a Houston-based energy company.
Cool fact: He chose TCU because a friend in Colombia attended the Neeley School — and landed a great job afterwards.

Why TCU?: It’s all about word of mouth. One of Pablo’s close friends raved about the Neeley School’s MBA program. “We went to school and then university together, so her feedback was very important to me. With its personal approach and strong industry ties, TCU seemed like the perfect environment for international students.”

A careful decision: At his friend’s insistence, he looked at schools across the country to find the best professors, scholarships, career services and personal networking opportunities. “My friend was very happy here, but she told me to look at other options. She didn’t want me to blame her if I didn’t like it.”

Smart investment: Return on investment for some students comes as access to a new industry. After his MBA, Pablo works in a market operations role for a Houston-based energy company. “This position will be a great way for me to apply my trading skills acquired through work experience and the analysis tools I learned in the MBA program".

Exceeded expectations: With their loads of corporate experience and numerous books published, his professors have left an impression in the classroom. But, at first, their friendliness and approachability seemed almost suspicious. “I knew they were nice, but thought maybe that was just to get you into the school. If they’re just acting, they deserve Oscars! Now I know they really care.”

The power of teams: The collective brainpower of TCU’s project team tops what any one person can do. Still, every team has to find its own recipe for working together. What does Pablo recommend? “Schedule meetings to make sure everybody is on the same page. If you have something to say, speak up early. Last-minute contributions are not appreciated!”

Settling in: The adjustment to a new town, new classmates and a new culture happens faster than you’d think. “At the beginning of the program I needed to make an effort not to get ‘lost in translation.’ But by the integrative project at the end of the first semester, I could be funny in English. That was great!”

"With its personal approach and strong industry ties, TCU seemed like the perfect environment for international students."

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