Reema Singh

Kellogg’s or PepsiCo?

Food scientist — and amateur cook — Reema Singh stirs up multiple job offers.

Hometown: New Delhi, India.
Former career: Food science positions in India, Sweden and the United States.
Current career: Brand management with Frito-Lay.
Cool fact: After interning with Kellogg’s, she can recite the history of corn flakes.

Tough questions: Asking — and answering — tough questions in TCU’s intimate classes pushed Reema to her personal best. “The biggest advantage of the small program was that it boosted my confidence. I could speak up in class, discuss and ask questions. The professors paid attention to every student — and each professor has a unique style. My preparation in the classroom, in terms of asking questions or providing my thoughts about some complex issues, really helped me with all the job interviews.”

Downside of personal: You can’t sneak your way to a TCU MBA. “You can’t be anonymous and you have to prepare. You have to pay attention and keep talking because the professor’s looking right at you.”

Learning how to stand out: With a background in biosciences and food science, Reema’s resume wasn’t run-of-the-mill MBA. “I had a resume that was not fitted well for companies, but every student here has a personal career counselor. So I’d sit with her for two hours going through my resume line by line. It was a clean-looking resume when I arrived, but you can imagine after two hours what it looked like.” 

Stand and deliver moment: Being courted by several companies meant lots of interview prep. “My a-ha moment was when I entered Pepsi’s headquarters in New York. I told myself, ‘I am ready for this interview, and I will get it.’ And I got it!”

The decision: Pepsi’s New York location tipped the scales in its favor. “Kellogg’s is close to my heart because I interned there, and I love the people. But then Pepsi is a globally known company — it’s the #2 beverage company — so it was tough to decide. After I accepted the Pepsi offer my circumstances changed, and the company offered me an equally exciting opportunity with its Dallas-based Frito-Lay company.”

Cool study break: When she can’t face another statistics problem, it’s time to try out a new recipe (using her husband as a guinea pig). But even her signature dishes — an Indian fish curry or baked salmon — are never the same twice. “I don’t really follow a recipe. I love to innovate, so it’s different every time. My poor husband!”


Advice for getting internships:

Be open to move for your internship. My Kellogg’s experience made my resume stand out in the sea of resumes.

Attend national career fairs. I got both my internship and job from these events.

Network, network, network!

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