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Welcome to VOICES, the blog for the MBA program at the TCU Neeley School of Business! This site is meant to be a forum for current, potential and past MBA students, to inform the community about our events, school updates and happenings. It’s also a place to promote articles by faculty, alumni and students and foster open discussion. 

VOICES will serve predominantly to give current, potential and past Neeley students the opportunity to stay connected and create a valuable network for both academic and professional purposes. It is a curated site speaking to topics that affect our community of students, alumni, faculty and potential students, as well as the business community at large.  

We’re fortunate to have a successful alumni base of individuals working all over the world. They demonstrate the positive impact a TCU Neeley MBA can have on a career in business—or any professional pursuit. 

Ray Carpenter, assistant vice president of marketing, emerging business markets for AT&T, says his MBA from the Neeley School of Business at TCU was instrumental to his growth as a leader. 

“The program employs a ‘roll up your sleeves’ mentality to its curriculum, which gave me the ability to build a skill set that was immediately transferable in business,” he says. “The faculty is topnotch and accessible, with resources that are unmatched.” He adds, “The student body brings invaluable breadth to the MBA experience.” 

Grant Moise, senior vice president business development and niche product for The Dallas Morning News, says that the TCU Neeley School and the MBA program helped him catapult his career in media. 

“More than any specific class, the school taught me to think strategically and to understand business holistically,” he says. “I would not be where I am today without my MBA from the Neeley School.” 

Michelle Stern, marketing director for Academic Partnerships, came to the TCU Neeley School of Business MBA program fresh from the military. 

“Coupled with a solid business education program, the TCU MBA experience provided me a wonderful transition from the military with ample networking opportunities with corporations in D/FW and beyond,” she says. 

These are just a few of the success stories that have emerged from Neeley’s MBA program, and we hope VOICES will be a forum for more. We invite discussion and comment from people in all stages of their professional and academic experience. 

As O. Homer Erekson, TCU’s dean of the Neeley School of Business and a TCU alumnus, writes in his dean’s message, “You won’t find another business school with such a strong reputation for being personal, connected and real.”

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