Peggy Conway: Why TCU?

Peggy Conway, Director of MBA Admissions

Choosing an MBA program isn’t always a clear-cut decision. Across the country, numerous programs exist that provide valuable learning experiences and the necessary tools for future success.

One question students need to be asking when determining which program is right for them is, “What is the return on investment?” In other words, “What’s in it for me?”

Peggy Conway, Director of MBA Admissions at Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business, explains that for the MBA student, return on investment (ROI) is often measured in terms of employability and what kind of salary they can earn coming out of the program. But while earning potential is a key consideration factor, she encourages students to dig a little deeper and evaluate why they want to get their MBA and what their personal objectives are.

Below, Conway lists seven reasons why a prospective MBA student should choose TCU, highlighting both ROI and goal fulfillment.

1. Small program size: Professors don’t just know their students’ names; they know their backgrounds and aspirations, allowing them to tailor class discussions and even become career advocates for their students. The faculty members know the capabilities of each of their students and the goals they want to accomplish after graduation. With an entering class of 50 to 60 students, the professor/student relationship becomes more meaningful. It is the “power of small.”  

2. Resources of a major metropolitan area: Unlike programs tucked away in smaller communities, the MBA program at TCU is in a major metropolitan area replete with world-class businesses and one of the top economies in the country. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to 10,000-plus national and international corporations and was ranked by Forbes as the No. 4 “best USA cities for jobs.” D-FW is the No. 1 fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States, currently ranked as the fifth largest metro regions. As such, students at TCU are afforded a broader range of experiences and contacts than they might receive at a smaller school.

3. Meaningful exchanges with executives: Through TCU’s extensive network of successful alumni and corporate partners, students are interacting with executives from top-tier companies multiple times a week. Not only do students hear from executives visiting as guest speakers, they frequently meet with execs in small group lunch and dinner meetings to explore relevant topics and career opportunities while observing and learning the mindset of an executive.

4. First-class faculty: TCU has one of the richest endowments in the United States, allowing the university to bring in faculty who are the best in their field. Professors in the MBA program could teach anywhere in the world, but they choose to teach at TCU because they value the relationships they have with their students in a smaller class setting. 

5. Experiential learning: Since many of MBA students are career changers, it is essential that they gain additional experience in their targeted field.  Through programs like the Neeley & Associates Consulting program, students take their learning out of the classroom setting to tackle case studies for paying corporate clients.  The students provide actionable recommendations that impact the company’s bottom line, and in doing so transform their own resumes.  Instead of talking to future employers about what they studied, they can demonstrate their business acumen and ability to deliver results.

6. Dedicated Career Services team: Our MBA students are supported by a dedicated five-person Career Services team, which is impressive considering a typical entering class is 50 to 60 students. These career experts are committed to partnering with students in their post-grad planning and networking while providing guidance and resources every step of the way. 

7. Opportunity for scholarship: TCU has the resources of a major university and is able to offer students a competitive scholarship program. Finances don’t have to be a roadblock for a student considering furthering their education with a full-time MBA. Students are urged to look at the TCU MBA program as a valuable bridge to a new field or specialty.

The MBA program at TCU is uniquely structured to provide students with opportunities they won’t get elsewhere. Faculty and staff pride themselves on the close relationships with students and the opportunity to personally mentor each student to help them to achieve their academic and professional goals.

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