Professor Spotlight: Robert Leone

Robert Leone, Professor of Marketing

At many MBA programs, students are just another number, making their way through the program without forming any meaningful connections with their professors. While this may be common at other schools, it is not the case at TCU. The Neeley School of Business offers students quality faculty members who embrace the opportunity to mentor.

Student Mentorship 

The Neeley School of Business' class sizes are smaller than other universities', averaging between 50 to 60 students per year and individual courses average between 15 to 20 students, allowing students to develop meaningful relationships with their professors.

Robert Leone is a Professor of Marketing in the Neeley School of Business. He came to TCU a little more than five years ago from Ohio State University, where he served for 15 years following a 20-year career at the University of Texas at Austin.

After coming from two large state institutions, Professor Leone says he likes being at a small private school. Because of the size of the program, Professor Leone knows not only the names of every marketing student, but also their backgrounds and education and career goals.

Professors at the Neeley School of Business are better able to mentor students, unlike at larger schools. It’s the “high touch” element that Professor Leone believes makes TCU’s MBA program truly unique. In a typical MBA program, there might be three to five different faculty teaching different sections of the same course. At TCU, there is one faculty member teaching each core class, allowing the instructor to get to know every student.

Professors at TCU are able to use their own networks and connections to help students reach their career goals. When Professor Leone was new to the Neeley School of Business, he met a student interested in branding. The student was planning on moving to Columbus, Ohio, and Professor Leone was able to connect her with his contacts there. Within a few short months, that particular student landed a position at a leading healthcare and medical research firm in Columbus.

Stories like this are not uncommon here. In fact, Professor Leone says he frequently meets students for whom he is able to help identify internship and career opportunities through his personal network.

And the connections Professor Leone forms with his students don’t end at graduation. He is regularly in contact with his former students. Oftentimes, he is even able to help former students, who are now in hiring positions, connect with current students. “Because they know I am able to help them, they will reach out to me for a recommendation to fill an open position,” he says.

Top-notch Faculty

The caliber of faculty at the Neeley School of Business is unmatched. In fact, The Economist rated the Neeley School of Business No. 1 in the world for faculty quality. Not only do they come from quality academic institutions and have significant work experience at highly regarded corporations, but they also continue to transform the business world through their valuable research. 

“They’ve done the job in practice and have the education to back it up,” says Professor Leone. “It is that blend of knowing the theory and having the real-world experience that is truly an advantage to the students.”

Professor Leone exemplifies that blend of academic and professional excellence. He served as the co-editor of the Journal of Marketing, the world’s most prestigious scholarly publication in the field of marketing, and he was recognized with a lifetime achievement award in the field of marketing research by the American Marketing Association. In addition to his sterling academic resume, Professor Leone has consulted for a number of leading companies, including Sears, Victoria’s Secret, Alliance Data Systems, Kodak and P&G.

Now imagine sitting in a class as small as 10 or 20 students, learning from someone like Professor Leone, someone with such impressive credentials who is there because he wants to help make a difference in your professional life. That’s the exceptional level of support and development you’ll receive from the world-class faculty at the Neeley School of Business.

Students looking for more than a classroom education will find just that at the Neeley School of Business. The program is uniquely structured to provide students with hands-on experience and mentorship opportunities between students and faculty that often last far beyond graduation.
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