Alumni Success Story: Shwetha Butterly

Shwetha Butterly in Moscow for PepsiCo International

Shwetha Butterly came to the Neeley School of Business with five years experience working in New York, Belgium and India as a clothing designer for licensees of Disney, MTV and other companies in the international fashion industry. Butterly pursued her MBA from TCU with the goal of exploring fashion marketing or general management until a summer internship with PepsiCo changed everything.

“I absolutely loved my [internship] experiences, so I jumped at the opportunity to work for PepsiCo when the company made me a full-time offer after my MBA,” Butterly says. She’s been with PepsiCo ever since—11 years and counting.

Today, Butterly is Senior Director of Customer Insights with PepsiCo International. She spends the majority of her time consulting with retailers on the best use of the massive amount of transactional data the company accumulates from frequent buyers. Her team mines this “big data” to better understand consumer behaviors and to make recommendations on how to increase profitability through merchandising changes, new product lines and more.

Throughout her career at PepsiCo, Butterly has filled various roles for the company’s U.S. global business team, working with more than 25 markets. She’s spent the past three years with PepsiCo Russia, the company’s second-largest market globally. PepsiCo Russia competes in five categories, including beverages, snacks, juices, dairy and baby food. In her current role as senior director, Butterly leads a team of 33 people across three functions—Category Management, Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing.

Butterly believes her time as an MBA student at the Neeley School of Business gave her the skills she needed to expand her professional prospects. “My MBA experience only strengthened my belief in controlling my own destiny,” she says.

Coming from a foreign educational environment, Butterly says she was initially uncomfortable with the concept of networking, something she was able to overcome with the help of her mentors at the Neeley School of Business.

“One of my mentors gave me some really good advice about reframing my challenges so they didn’t seem so challenging anymore,” she says. “Now that I see networking as more of a stepping stone rather than an uncomfortable barrier, it is so much easier. I will underscore the value of networking throughout one’s career. I have benefited from networking at every stage.”

While Butterly says her favorite moment during her MBA years was going on her first date with her now-husband (who was a fellow MBA student at the time), working on group cases with other classmates was another highlight. “I loved the different perspectives that teammates brought to the same case that I thought I had thoroughly read and understood just few hours ago,” she says. “It was so valuable to learn and benefit from the experiences of others.”

In addition to pursuing her career at PepsiCo, Butterly says she has been fortunate to indulge her passion for travel since graduation. “Despite my hectic business travel schedule, I still love traveling internationally and experiencing other cultures,” she says.

The unique experiences our MBA students receive coupled with the strong mentorships between professors and students set up our graduates for success. Butterly’s story is just one example among many of how the Neeley School of Business reshapes students’ futures and provides exclusive opportunities.
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