MBA Internship Spotlight: Getting the Job

Internships are an integral component of career development for MBA students. Having an internship adds relevant experience in your targeted field to your résumé, allows you to explore your professional interests and helps you network with employers, potentially leading to substantive career opportunities.

MBA students at Neeley leverage TCU’s strong connections to land professional-level internships with leading local, national and global employers.

Competition for internships at top companies can be intense, but the Neeley School's Graduate Career Service Center works closely with students to develop and refine job-searching strategies. The results are impressive: 100 percent of students found placements in recent years.

It’s also not uncommon for first-year MBA students interning in Dallas-Fort Worth to continue working 10 to 15 hours per week during the school year. In fact, as many as 45 percent of second-year students continued projects for their intern companies into the second year of their MBA program.

Tips For Securing An Internship

Securing an internship requires legwork, but with the support of TCU professors and career development staff, it’s highly attainable. Here are a few tips to help you land your ideal intern position:

  • Network with your professors and other staff. Not only does the career services team help students make inroads to internships, but professors are also a great resource for students. Many faculty members are active corporate consultants and board members with a vast network of professional relationships. Ethan Silvers, a Neeley School of Business student, is working in strategic sourcing and procurement this summer at Mars Chocolate thanks to the help of Dr. Morgan Swink, who recommended Ethan to the Mars search team. “The professors themselves can be one of the best networking resources,” says Silvers. “You’re networking when you’re in class, too.”
  • Make the most of your Neeley and Associates Consulting project experience. Neeley and Associates Consulting provides TCU MBA students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience working with paying Neeley and Associates client companies. Silvers credits the project he worked on for GM Financial as part of the Neeley and Associates program with giving him the experience he needed to get a jumpstart on his internship.
  • Do your research. While networking is valuable tool for finding internships, it isn’t your only avenue. The career services team has ample resources for students looking for a specific position, field or location. TCU MBA student Matt Bean is currently an intern at Drum Hill Capital, a private wealth management firm in Connecticut. Bean was seeking an investment finance position in the Northeast, and was able to land his desired summer job with the help of career services' coaching and his tenacious personality.
  • Take advantage of the Neeley Graduate Career Center. Résumé writing, mock interviews and salary negotiation training are just a few of the services offered to students during their internship search. “I absolutely wouldn’t be here without getting my MBA, and especially at TCU,” said Glenn Decker, TCU student and intern at USAA in San Antonio. He first made contact with the company at a national career fair. TCU offers travel grants to assist students who want to attend one of four major national career fairs, which attract hundreds of employers.

From day one, TCU MBA students receive help improving their marketability and gaining the tools needed for a successful career, which often starts with an internship. Learn more about what our Graduate Career Service Center has to offer.

Interested in getting a TCU MBA? Request more info about the Neeley School of Business graduate program or apply now.

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