Preparing for your MBA: Exploring Your Career Options

Not every student who enters TCU’s MBA program has a clear career path in mind. Exploring your career options and weighing them against your personal interests will help guide you throughout the course of your MBA program.

"Some students have a really good idea about what they want to get into,” said Alex Seltzer, Assistant Director for the Graduate Career Services Center at the Neeley School of Business. “However, there are some students who are interested in multiple industries and haven't made a decision yet."

MBA graduates have a number of career options available to them, including careers in finance, such as in corporate finance or as a financial analyst; logistics and supply chain; leadership development programs; marketing and branding and brand management. Seltzer and other Career Services Center staff members spend their time helping students whittle down their interests.

"Right out of the gate, students are looking at internships,” Seltzer said. “We really need a good idea of what they're looking at sooner rather than later."

Benefits of the TCU Graduate Career Services Center

The Graduate Career Services Center is a valuable resource available to all MBA and graduate-level students at TCU. The Center is composed of dedicated professionals who are specifically tasked with individualized and group coaching—from resume writing to mock interviewing—as well as more tailored assistance such as online brand/image, cover letters and thank you notes.

The Career Services Center helps students narrow down their interests and prepare for future internships and careers in a number of ways, including inviting outside speakers to present to students on various topics and building relationships with employers to ensure they interact with students in group and individual settings. 

The Center also offers a more targeted approach for students in a particular concentration—coordinating student lunches with executives of leading companies and organizations, for example. 

Students interested in attending national career fairs also have access to financial assistance from the Graduate Career Services Center.

"We do a lot. We've always received good feedback, and I think our office is very progressive and forward-thinking," said Seltzer.

Be sure to have a copy of your resume on hand during your first your appointment with the Center. Examining your resume will help Career Services Center staff get a feel for your work history and your strengths and weaknesses. 

Making a career decision

Choosing a career path is a heavy decision for students to make—one which can determine the direction of a student’s future. If you’re struggling to determine what career path you should take, Seltzer has this advice: Think back to when you were applying to MBA programs. What were the aspects of your previous job that you liked or didn’t like? Tap into that.

It’s also important to “be open-minded,” Seltzer said. While it’s important to know where your interests lie, you will be exposed to so many possibilities during your MBA program that you may be surprised to find you are interested in a potential career you hadn’t yet considered.

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