Graduate Career Service Center Spotlight: Nurturing Relationships Between MBAs and Employers

Bethany Kilgore, Assistant Director
At the Neeley School of Business, the support our students receive from the Neeley Graduate Career Services Center is an integral part of their educational experience. The Career Services Center staff works with students before they even step foot on campus to enhance their professional marketability. And it doesn’t stop there. The staff at the Career Services Center takes that same proactive approach to maximizing connections with top employers across the country and around the globe.

Bethany Kilgore, Graduate Career Services Center Associate Director of Employer Relations, spends her days nurturing relationships with employers, partnering with them on an ongoing basis to seek out internship opportunities and full-time openings for students. In a nutshell, Kilgore is the “talent broker on behalf of TCU’s Graduate Career Services Center, connecting employers with exceptional market-ready TCU MBA talent.”

“Most of the corporate outreach I do is determined by the interest of our MBAs as well as interest by our employers in our Neeley MBA candidates,” says Kilgore. “I look at target areas where candidates want to live as well as the wealth of industries in a concentrated area. I also look at alumni connections when possible in order to provide an introduction to university recruitment staff and to share insight about the Neeley program.”

Time spent with employers strengthens relationships while promoting the Neeley brand and helps the Career Services Center staff understand how TCU MBAs compete with graduates from other top schools and integrate that feedback into the program. 

“One week this summer we were calling on alumni and other execs at high-potential companies in Northern California and Seattle, including Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon,” says Kilgore. “The next week we were visiting our interns and their managers in Atlanta at Chick-fil-A and AT&T. 

As a result of this diligence, employers who hire TCU grads for internships and full-time positions have been incredibly impressed with MBA graduates’ skills, knowledge and preparedness for the business world.

“AT&T was impressed with the leadership exhibited by our internship candidate Marie Anderson,” Kilgore says. “Chick-fil-A felt the Neeley School prepares our students well in terms of a broad base knowledge, allowing a marketing person—intern Daniel Geer—to relay information in a statistical way.”

The goal of the Neeley Graduate Career Services Center is to prepare students for a lifetime of success. To date, more than 15,000 Neeley School alumni have found successful careers at top companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Omaha, San Diego, New York, Berlin, Mumbai and around the globe, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the Graduate Career Center staff.

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