Top 5 Reasons to Apply Early to the TCU MBA Program


Students considering applying the TCU Neeley School’s Full-time MBA Program for the Fall 2018 semester are encouraged to apply for the first round of applications, with a deadline of November 1.

If you’re ready to apply, why wait? Here are five reasons why applying early can give you a competitive edge:

1. Greatest Opportunity - In this first round, applicants have the greatest opportunity to be accepted, as there are the most available spaces. After Round 1, spaces become more limited, and competition for those spaces will increase.

2. Priority Consideration for Scholarship - The TCU Neeley School of Business offers MBA students a number of scholarships, and students who apply in the first round of the application process are given priority consideration for those scholarships.

The Neeley School makes available a wide range of scholarships on a competitive basis, including the Dean’s Scholarships, which cover a student’s full tuition and MBA fees, and an annual stipend up to $5,000. Neeley offers a variety of other scholarships. For details on all scholarship opportunities and application information click here.

3. Early Application = Early Decision - When you apply early for admission and scholarships, you will get an answer early. Enjoy your Christmas break knowing what to expect next fall, rather than stressing about completing your application for admissions and scholarships.

4. More Time to Prepare to Begin Your MBA Program. Transitioning from a full-time job to being a full-time student takes some time. The earlier you apply, the more time you will have to prepare to begin your MBA and think about coming life changes including relocating and completing your job in order to begin your MBA program.  

5. Application Fee Waived - When you submit your application by November 1, TCU will waive the $100 application fee. Save that $100, it will come in handy when your MBA education begins!

If you don’t make the November 1 deadline, there will still be space and scholarships available in later rounds. While there are a number of benefits to applying early, you should submit your best application possible. If you need more time to complete your application and résumé, take your time. It is better to have a strong application than to rush to get it ready to submit in Round 1. The following deadline dates are: Round 2 - January 15; Round 3 - March 1; and Round 4 - April 15.

Before you apply, be sure to get all the details on the admissions process, including an application for admission checklist, requirements for international applications, and admission FAQs. For admissions information, click here

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