What Do You Love about Fort Worth?


Selecting an MBA program is based first and foremost on the quality of education you anticipate receiving at a particular school. What opportunities will you have both in and out of the classroom to prepare you for your future career? How committed are the staff and faculty to helping students achieve their goals?

These are all crucial factors to consider. But one thing prospective students may not consider as closely is a school’s surrounding community and how that community impacts student life.

TCU’s Neeley School of Business is fortunate to be located in the dynamic city of Fort Worth. In addition to being one of the most powerful business communities in the nation and world, Fort Worth boasts its share of culture, history, sports and culinary excellence. MBA candidates Jessie Wen and Cameron Mitchell shared with us a few things they love about Fort Worth and how the community has affected their pursuit of an MBA.

“I could write a book about why I love Fort Worth, but if I had to choose a favorite thing, it would have to be the people,” says Mitchell. “It is often said that Fort Worth is a big city with a small-town feel. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone in Fort Worth is friendly and willing to help others without pretention. This personality of Fort Worth makes it easy to network, get people talking about you and get your name into the business community.”

Wen, who is an international student from China, agrees—what makes Fort Worth the standout community it is are the people who reside there.

“Before I came here, some friends who study or work in the States warned me that I may have culture shock,” says Wen. “But so far I [haven’t felt] any culture shock. What ‘shocks’ me is how nice people can be and how willing they are to offer their help.”

Wen reflects on several occasions when she has received help from people at the supermarket and on the streets of Fort Worth. But it’s also the people within the Neeley School of Business who have helped Wen adjust so smoothly to life in the United States.

“The people in the MBA program are just like family to me,” she says. “Before I came [here], I met a young professor teaching at Neeley. He said, ‘Congratulations, you’re in very good hands!’ And I do feel that.”

As an international student, Wen offers the following advice to prospective students, particularly those coming from overseas:

“Just come here, study hard, try your best and you’ll get what you deserve,” she says. “Don’t listen too much to others, especially the negative things. Don’t constrain yourself; fight with hope. That’s my way to live.”

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to a world-class assortment of businesses and organizations looking to hire from within TCU’s outstanding network of bright, well-rounded and hardworking MBA students. Though our MBAs end up in high-level positions around the globe, Fort Worth offers an excellent opportunity for students to pursue a higher degree and, eventually, pursue a successful career. 

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