Seven Benefits of a Full-Time MBA Program

Cameron Mitchell, Neeley School MBA Candidate

The decision to go back to school to get an advanced degree is one to be weighed carefully. There are many factors to consider, not the least of which are finances, time commitment and sacrifice of personal and family time. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer when determining whether to re-enter the classroom.

Once you decide a graduate degree is in your best interest, you must then decide if a part-time or full-time MBA program is the best fit for you.

There are pros and cons of both part-time and full-time opportunities. At TCU, we believe the full-time MBA program offers a holistic and enriching educational experience, with the most benefit to students wishing to further their career or change professional paths.

Here are seven benefits of the full-time MBA program:

Immerse yourself in the experience. Students who are enrolled in a full-time MBA program are better able to build relationships with other students and professors. They also have more time to dedicate to networking with others in their field and to participate in student-led clubs and organizations, which enhance a student’s overall experience. Programs such as Neeley & Associates Consulting provide MBA candidates with professional experience and connections in their desired fields. The opportunity to practice project management and refine leadership skills in a corporate setting is something truly unique to TCU MBA students.

Devote yourself entirely to advancing your career through your education. If you have a family, balancing a career and part-time school with family life can add even more stress to your day-to-day activities. Commit yourself to full-time education to lessen the tension between schoolwork and other responsibilities.

Launch your new career path. If you’re changing fields, a full-time MBA allows students to become immersed in their industry of choice and to network and build relationships with potential employers.

“Because I’m changing from an oil and gas asset management career track to finance, it was absolutely necessary for me to choose a full-time program,” says Cameron Mitchell, Neeley School of Business MBA candidate. “The demands of an MBA are intense, and if I had my job to worry about along with a part-time program, there would be no time to network and search for a career in a new field.”

Receive more internship and career opportunities.Summer internship opportunities are generally reserved for students in a full-time MBA program. If you are a career-changer, a summer internship is a great way to test out your chosen new field with a prospective employer—something not typically available to part-time MBA students.

Have more time to devote to course-related projects. When you’re in a full-time MBA program you have more time to apply the things you’re learning in class to your course-related projects. These projects are often the capstone of your education and are worthy of your undivided attention. Neeley School of Business students use their MBA projects as a steppingstone to a new career path—something that requires dedication and commitment.

Attend national conferences and participate in competitions. In the MBA world, there are numerous opportunities for networking and competition not only locally but nationwide. If you’re in a full-time MBA program versus a part-time program, you will have more time to commit to travel for these one-of-a-kind educational and professional opportunities.

“There are more opportunities to gain knowledge outside of the classroom for the full-time program,” says Mitchell. “The main opportunity I have enjoyed is competing in case competitions. I cannot speak highly enough of the knowledge and experience I have gained.”

Expand your education with study abroad and international trip opportunities. In most cases, students with jobs will find it difficult to take off work for an extended period of time to travel abroad for school. The chance to participate in international study trips provides insight and experience you cannot get in the classroom. Neeley School of Business international trips are an integral part of our students’ educational development.

“A full-time program allows students to dig deeper into topics in which they are interested,” says Mitchell. “The connections you make with your cohort are the solid network you will have for the rest of your life. The fact is that you simply have more time to dedicate yourself to your education and career goals.”

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