TCU MBA Students Take Second in Big 12 Case Competition

While competition in the Big 12 typically takes place on the field or the court, students from each of the 10 Big 12 schools competed on a different kind of playing field recently.

TCU’s Neeley School of Business hosted the Ninth Annual Big 12 MBA Case Competition March 26–28. Deloitte Consulting sponsored the annual event, which pits some of the best and brightest MBA students from each school against each other in a team battle demanding innovative thinking, resourcefulness and creativity.

“When you have a group of MBA students, there’s already a high level of competitiveness,” says Dan Geer, MBA ’15. “There was no shortage of competitiveness among the students and the schools.” The stakes for the competition were high, he says.

Teams were assigned a case written by Deloitte centered on the future of mobile pay applications such as Apple Pay. Students received the case Friday morning and delivered their presentations to judges Saturday.

"The case put us in the roles of consultants, presenting to an investor about the potential of Apple Pay,” says Lindy Keyser, MBA ’16, and a member of the four-person TCU team. “In just 14 hours, we analyzed the market, forecasted revenues and built a thorough recommendation as well as a pretty captivating slide deck.”

Though challenging, TCU students who competed say they were up to the test and enjoyed the competitiveness of the event. "Everything I had done in class had prepared me for it. There weren’t any surprises,” says Geer. “The process was a lot of fun, and challenges you in ways you may not have been expecting.”

“The highlight for me was working with such an exemplary team. As the only first year, I was presenting alongside three second-years, for whom I've developed an incredible amount of respect,” says Keyser. “We collaborated under immense pressure to develop an outstanding product of which I am very proud."

West Virginia won first place, taking home $5,000 and the Championship Cup (new this year). TCU came in a close second, winning $3,000, and Iowa State University took third place, winning $1,000. Teams were recognized at an awards banquet at Joe T. Garcia's Restaurant in Fort Worth for:

  • Best Presentation Management
  • Best Financial Analysis
  • Best Q&A Management

"We came in second place by a small margin, but, to be honest, I don't have any regrets,” says Keyser. “It was a fantastic experience, and I can say without pause that we each put our best foot forward, which is a win in my book." 

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