From MBA to Business Owner: Tim Bates, Glendarroch Homes

When Tim Bates, MBA ’08, decided to launch a business, he knew that adding an MBA to his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering made sense.

Tim and his brother Tom, also a TCU graduate, founded Glendarroch Homes, and while Tom had the operational skills from experience at a construction company, he needed someone to run the business.

“While I was getting my MBA, I needed to learn it all," Tim says. "I needed to learn finance, accounting, marketing, financial management, business law and supply chain because I would be using those things every day. For me it wasn’t about getting three letters added to my name on my business card, it was about equipping me with the necessary skills to run a successful small business.”

Tim credits the TCU MBA program with equipping him with the knowledge he needed to jump into entrepreneurship. “Since getting my MBA, we’ve gone from a company with just the two of us to now having a team of nine people,” he says. “We went from working on three to five homes a year to working on 25 to 30 homes a year. Without a doubt, we couldn’t have done it without the TCU MBA program.”

The business skills Tim learned during his time as an MBA have been invaluable, but it’s the relationships with the faculty and fellow students that he says were game changers.

“I was fortunate enough to get plugged in with several other MBA students who cared as much as I did, and we fed off each other,” he says. “The end-of-the-year competition put into practice everything we had learned.” The same skills Tim used during that competition are the same skills he uses every day at the office.

Perhaps one of Tim’s most significant takeaways as a TCU MBA student was how to effectively manage people. “I learned that one of the best ways to lead is through serving the people on your team,” he says. “Putting your employees first makes a big difference in the way they feel about working with you.”

This team-first mentality is underscored by the connection Glendarroch maintains with the community. “There’s probably nothing stronger in the city of Fort Worth than being connected with TCU and the Neeley School of Business,” says Tim. “There’s a reason why every ad we feature says ‘Owned and Operated by TCU Horned Frogs.’ We feel like being connected to TCU has been instrumental in the success of our business.”

Tim credits TCU and the Neeley School of Business with giving him the skills he needed to build and manage a business. “Without hesitation, I would recommend an entrepreneur to get their MBA from TCU,” says Tim. “TCU provides such a well-rounded education that even a guy like me with virtually no business background was able to go from knowing nothing at the beginning of the program to knowing how to do all of the finance, accounting and marketing for a small company.”

That’s what we like to call a success story.

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