Building a Community Around TCU Football

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MBA Tailgate

The Neeley School of Business breeds a culture of community both in and out of the classroom. It’s this tight-knit family atmosphere that attracts many students to our program. The academics may be rigorous, but students are also provided many opportunities to build relationships with their peers through social events, activities and traditions, including Horned Frogs football.

“It’s really important to get our students together outside of the classroom,” says Brandon Journay, second-year MBA student and social chair of the MBA Association. “Tailgating is an opportunity to have some fun, a time for everyone to relax.”

The TCU MBA program makes tailgating spaces available for the MBA Association to organize events before all home football games in the fall and several baseball games in the spring. Current and prospective students, alumni and families are invited to attend. Tailgating provides students an invaluable opportunity to interact with each other outside of the classroom and brings together students from different cultures and backgrounds.

It’s social time like tailgate parties during football season that give students a break from the intensive nature of the MBA program, while also encouraging students to interact with people they haven’t had a chance to talk to in class. “It’s nice to connect with my new classmates with some good football as opposed to just discussing whatever accounting problem that we’re working on,” says first-year MBA student Nathan Gleitz.

This year, a tailgate trailer complete with TV screens has been added, thanks to the generosity of donations for the MBA Classes of 2016 and 2016. “The new trailer is a great opportunity to attract more alumni to the tailgates,” says Journay. “They all want to swing by and see how much the tailgate has evolved since their day. They get to relive their B-school days and we get to make important alumni connections from a relaxed social setting.”

Spouses and children are also welcome to attend tailgate parties and connect with other students and their families. “It’s an opportunity for the spouses or significant others to come to campus and meet all the people they’ve been hearing about at home," says Trey Nelson, first-year MBA student.

A few local businesses, including Rahr Brewery (owner Fritz Rahr is a TCU alum), act as sponsors for the MBA tailgate parties, opening the door to networking opportunities between students and business owners.

Last but not least, let’s not forget TCU’s football team is ranked among the top in the country. That creates a lot of excitement according to Randall Robertson, first-year MBA student. “It’s great to be a part of the momentum surrounding the football team.” 

The Neeley School of Business isn’t all academics all the time, and football season provides TCU students the opportunity to come together for a common goal and experience that unparalleled Horned Frog kinship. We’re “an MBA program that considers ourselves family,” says Journay. 

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