Don Asher Delivers Job Search Tips to TCU MBAs

Don Asher
TCU Neeley School of Business MBA students recently had the opportunity to attend an on-campus training session featuring writer, speaker and executive coach Don Asher. His energetic presentation covering tactics for job searching galvanized students by demonstrating the need for active networking, cold calling and not a little persistence.

First-year student Mitch Howe says Asher stressed the need to go beyond job boards and online applications to secure a desired position. “The easiest way to get a job or internship is through networking, not through the company’s online system,” he says. 

Asher encouraged students to constantly be thinking outside the box, noting that competition for jobs is intense. “If there’s a company that you really want to work for, simply applying through their online portal isn’t going to get you noticed,” Howe says.

Cariel Apodaca, MBA ’17, says some of her classmates have already started cold calling potential employers for informational interviews, a strategy Asher suggested.

“You get a job based on who you know,” she says. “Networking is critical."

Though she felt some of Asher’s recommendations were too aggressive for her, she appreciated his insistence on not giving up and not settling.

“I liked that he encouraged us to be little bit forceful to get the job you want," she says.

Howe says Asher’s presentation really hit home the fact that many students aren’t dedicating enough time to their job search. “A few hours a week isn’t going to get us where we want to go, and you get what you put in,” he says.

Both Apodaca and Howe agreed that experiential learning opportunities like the one featuring Asher differentiate the MBA experience at TCU. And Neeley’s smaller class size offers students meaningful connections to presenters.

“If I’m sitting in an info session with 80 other people, my face/questions/etc., aren’t going to be remembered,” Howe says. “If I’m one of 10, though, you’re able to actually develop a connection with the presenter.”      

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