TCU MBAs to Participate in Fort Worth Startup Weekend

Every business starts with a single idea, and this weekend, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and receive feedback from their peers during the Fort Worth Startup Weekend.

This 54-hour event (Nov. 20–22) held at IDEA Works Fort Worth invites developers, designers and business development folks to come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend. The event opens up the possibility for anyone with a business idea—technical or non-technical—to learn, have fun, solve local problems, build a network, test new skills and gain access to valuable startup resources. It’s also an opportunity to meet potential co-founders.

Teams assemble around the top ideas (determined by a popular vote) and spend the next three days creating a business model, coding, designing and gaining market validation. At the end of the weekend, local entrepreneurial leaders hear presentations on the ideas and provide critical feedback.

TCU is a sponsor of the event, and Neeley School of Business MBA students are heavily involved in the weekend’s activities, serving as organizers, coaches and judges. Members from the Graduate Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO) will attend the event as contestants and pitch ideas.

Nick Fender, MBA candidate ’16 and coach for the weekend, says Fort Worth Startup Weekend is “a great way to validate an idea and build a network of enthusiastic and experienced resources in the Fort Worth startup community.”

GEO President Carrie Davis, MBA candidate ’16, says the Fort Worth Startup Weekend gives GEO members and TCU MBA students the opportunity to get involved in the startup scene in Fort Worth and build relationships with other motivated and innovative individuals. “Those with ideas for businesses are able to utilize the captive audience for refining their pitch, even if their idea isn’t selected for pursuing throughout the weekend,” she says.


"Startup Weekend is one of those pivotal events in a startup ecosystem that brings like-minded individuals with diverse sets of skills together to learn, create, and inspire. It is the type of event that can build the ties of a blossoming community and strengthen the network. Fort Worth's startup community is growing and it is exciting to have so many supporting and participating in what will be a whole lot of fun over the 54 hrs." -Hayden Blackburn (Director, IDEAWorks FW)

"Events like Startup Weekend bring a lot of excitement and energy to the community. No where else will you find the opportunity to pitch a startup idea and assemble a team to build a business in 54hrs. For MBA's it's a great opportunity to develop skills and put your business acumen to the test. You may even walk away with some prize money." -Bryan Redd (CEO, Tripsity, TCU MBA '15)


Fort Worth is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and this event is just one of many in which students and alumni from the Neeley School participate to promote Fort Worth business and innovative ideation.

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