Professional MBA: Real Results, Right Away

Many MBA students come to the Neeley School with full-time jobs and aren’t necessarily looking to change careers, but rather gain knowledge and information that can help them progress in their current positions.

Our Professional MBA (PMBA) program is designed specifically for students looking to fast-forward their careers. The evening-only format makes the PMBA accessible to motivated professionals looking to earn an MBA without putting their careers on hold. Through our challenging academic program, extensive corporate network and global experiences, students are given the perspective and tools needed to move ahead.

After moving from an engineer position to VP of Operations at Kobi Electric, an LED lighting manufacturer located in Fort Worth, Michael Sawilowski decided to return to school for his MBA. “My undergraduate degree was a technical degree, not in business at all; I didn’t have exposure to the world of business in my undergrad,” he says. “I was coming up on projects and issues that I wasn’t equipped for because they weren’t engineering problems; they were business problems.”

Sawilowski knew an MBA was just what he needed to gain the knowledge and experience his new position required. “I love what I do,” he says. “I want to keep doing what I’m doing now — just bigger and better. The MBA was really a vehicle to accelerate that.”

Although he still has one year of school left, with graduation set for spring 2017, Sawilowski isn’t waiting to put to use what he’s learning in class. Focusing on entrepreneurialism and finance, Sawilowski was able to step up to the plate when his company needed a more sophisticated accounting system.

“Before the first MBA class, there was a START workshop for accounting. Even the principles being taught there were immediately applicable for me,” he says. “I understood what we needed to do. I was able to bridge a knowledge of our company and industry to the CPAs we work with who know accounting but don’t know our company.

He says it didn’t surprise him that the curriculum was relevant; it surprised him how quickly it was relevant. “I knew the information would be important to the business but didn’t know it would be immediately applicable to me," Sawilowski explains.

De'Aundria Lee, subcontract manager at Lockheed Martin - Missiles and Fire Control, chose TCU’s Accelerated Professional MBA to pursue a concentration in supply chain management. “The structure and length of the PMBA program allows me to combine practical experience with formal classroom training,” she says. “The cohort learning environment provides an opportunity to interact and learn from peers who have had experiences that are different from my own.”

TCU’s cohort collaborative learning structure requires classmates to work as a team and be accountable to themselves and others.

Lee plans to use the knowledge gained from the MBA program to advance within supply chain management and pursue opportunities to support supplier diversity initiatives. “Supporting supplier diversity will enable me to develop meaningful business relationships with our varied supplier base, sponsor and participate in small business outreach initiatives and develop strategies for small business opportunities,” she says.

Like Sawilowski, Lee’s coursework has been immediately useful in her career. “A majority of my supply chain knowledge comes from working within the defense industry,” says Lee. “Supply chain within the defense industry is very different from commercial supply chain. Through the curriculum, I’m able to bridge my knowledge of the defense industry with polices and practices of commercial entities.”

To others considering returning to school for an MBA, Lee says, “An MBA will provide an opportunity to gain a global perspective in business and provide opportunities to develop into a well-rounded leader with limitless potential.”

Knowledge alone isn’t enough for success, Sawilowski concludes. It’s in combining that knowledge with action that you start to see progress.

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