Tips from Neeley's New Student Liaisons: Set Goals, Get Connected, Ask Questions


Each year, several current MBA students are selected by their peers to serve as the New Student Liaisons to the incoming class of MBA students, available to answer questions and help new students build relationships at TCU.  Below, our liaisons share their personal tips for being successful in the TCU MBA program, including the need for setting goals, how to get connected and the importance of asking questions.

Peter Blair ('17) on setting goals:

The importance of setting goals cannot be stressed enough. Goal setting is essential to success and proper time management. It also gives you the ability to measure achievement.

I’ve found that setting weekly, monthly and yearly goals helps me to stay focused on the big picture and what steps I need to take along the way to be successful.

As you begin your MBA journey, set goals early and review them often. Set career goals, academic goals and personal goals. By defining your objectives, your vision is clear and your purpose is understood.

Once you set your goals, use the school’s resources to help you achieve them. TCU has many wonderful amenities, including the staff in the Graduate Career Center, Admissions Office, and the Professional Development Center.

One of my favorite resources to utilize has been the faculty. They not only have a wealth of knowledge, but they’re also willing to help you get to where you want to be.

Though you will have to put in the work to obtain your goals, TCU offers the resources and stepping stones to get there.

Chelsea Franklin ('17) on getting connected:

To Peter’s point, you’re not in this alone. You’ll find that building a network early in your Neeley experience will prove very beneficial.

You can start with us – your New Student Liaisons! We’re here to answer any questions, and are accessible to you via email or phone. 

Next, get to know your new classmates. I made the effort to connect with my peers one-on-one during START – something that I highly recommend. I also made the time to connect with classmates outside of the classroom by going to intramural football games, hosting house parties and saying "yes" when I was invited to after-hours events such as potluck dinners.

Connect with the Graduate Career Center and Professional Development Center as soon as possible. They’re both excellent resources when pursuing an internship, especially since some companies start recruiting before classes even begin.

Silvana Gonzalez ('17) on asking questions:

One of the best ways to start utilizing the resources available to you is by asking questions.  Going back to school is a huge transition, and everyone at Neeley understands that. 

During my transition, I found that my questions were answered quickly – often within 24 hours. Staff members werewilling to talk on the phone if anything was unclear or needed a deeper explanation. They also connected me to a student who answered my questions about classes, homework and work-life balance.

Use your New Student Liaisons!  We’ve been in your shoes and can help make the transition to TCU a smooth one. We are always happy to help, whether it's by email, text, phone call or even Skype.

Know the other resources available to you and use them to your advantage. You have the Admissions office, Graduate Career Services, and other student volunteers featured on the Ask an MBA page.

There’s a lot of information posted on MBA FYI. There’s a special section dedicated to FAQs — check it out! For me, it was helpful to read that first and then ask questions about anything that wasn't clear. 

Keep in mind that there are no dumb questions; all the current students have been in your shoes. Plus, everyone at TCU is approachable and willing to help. 

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